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To put it in the very simplest of terms, these folksare an advisor group whose business is helping people to pass their drug tests with minimal stress, discomfort, and embarrassment, while striving to maintain maximum effectiveness and reliability. Primarily, they do this by selling their convenient testing kits. They have been around for about twenty three years, and in that time Test Clear have built up quite a solid reputation in their chosen field. However, more than just making the whole ordeal of peeing in a cup more bearable, they and other similar groups offer a wide variety of services which are not exclusively related to discovering illegal substances.

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clinical testing

So, what else do these advisors do?

You could loosely fit the whole business under an umbrella notion of “making sure you don’t have things in your system which you shouldn’t have.” This very broad explanation comfortably covers everything, from standard drug tests in their various forms, through testing for alcohol in your breath and handing out hangover advice, to ascertaining allergy to molds, whether one is pregnant, and even helping people with paternity tests. If there can be a “diverse offer catalogue” in the health industry, this sort of thing would be it. Most of the time, though, standard drug testing tends to remain at the forefront of these groups’ business activities.

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But why does that matter if you don’t even use drugs?

clinical testing

Because sometimes people (especially potential or current employers) will simply not take your word for it. In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, there are a fair few companies which tend to demand that their candidates and employees test out clean for any illegal substances before and during their contractual relationship. This holds true for various civilian professions, as well as the military world and the world of professional athletes.

Moreover, a drug test of one sort or another may be required as an element in a lawsuit process, in which case a person might be ordered by the relevant court to submit themselves to one. In that kind of stressful situation, any little thing that can make the embarrassing chore a little less hellish is warmly welcome.

And of course, there is one particular group of people to whom a safe, accurate, reliable way to test for drugs is critically important: parents. Teenage children and young adults, of both high school and college age, are constantly under the threat of getting tangled up in drug abuse and all of the related issues it implies. Whether it be a few puffs of marijuana smoke, or any of the notorious white powders, or any of the many possibilities in between, drugs are still perceived as being too readily available to those curious enough, or desperate enough, to go looking for them. Obviously, things like proper testing routines can be of enormous help in discovering these kinds of problems sufficiently early on and acting on them before they begin to wreak havoc in full swing. There are even places and authorities that encourage, and realize, drug testing in schools as a part of this kind of effort. Although it may come across as a fair bit too tedious, or a little bit too early, it is an important preventive measure.

Will services like Testclear replace clinical testing?

The idea of being able to do everything regarding one’s drug testing (or anything similar) in private, away from the inquisitive stare of a doctor and nurses, maybe very tempting, but is still just a pipe dream in any remotely serious context. Although portable testing kits and home-solution-oriented products can be a great alternative when you need it quickly or unexpectedly, they are still nowhere near replacing the input of a trained and experienced professional. After all, they may be misapplied, misinterpreted, or simply unreliable due to a fault in production. Whatever you may be concerned about, even if a home test checks out, you should still talk to your doctor.

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