The 9 Most Flattering Haircuts for Every Face Shape

The right haircut can change your entire look. Hate your nose? Cut your hair.

Think your double chin makes you look like an evil witch? Cut your hair.

Of course, there is the option of plastic surgery, but that’s not realistic for the average hardworking American. If you’re looking for the most flattering haircuts for double chin, look no further.

Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Here are 9 of the most flattering haircuts for all face shapes.

1. Layered Length

It’s amazing how a long oval face can look glamorous with the addition of long, layered hair. With a long, double chin you might worry that your chin steals the show in your appearance.

With short-cropped hair, it probably would, but with a long hairstyle cropped to fit your face the chin is barely noticeable. Just make sure one of your layers falls just below your chin to draw attention away.

2. Bob

A shoulder-length bob works wonders for most face shapes. Whether your face is round or narrow, a bob can save the day.

The trick is knowing whether to add volume to your bob or wear it flat. At shoulder length, you want to add volume only when you have a narrow face.

Adding too much volume to a straight bob on shoulder-length hair makes a round face look even more round. The exception to this rule is if you’re wearing a curly bob.

Curly hair in general is best suited for round faces.

3. Textured Top

With textured hair, you have your pick in hairstyles to offset a double chin. One of the top ways to do this is with a textured tapered haircut.

These are the haircuts that have a curly top but tapers off at the sides. The longest hair in this look is on the top of your head.

This works because it balances out the weight of your face at the top and bottom. Consider allowing some of your hair to fall forward in order to make this look work.

4. Shaved

Not everyone can make a shaved head work. But if you’ve got high cheekbones, you’ll almost always look stunning with a shaved head.

Both men and women with high cheekbones make shaved heads look sleek and sophisticated. Think Michaela Cole with her high cheekbones and dark eyes.

She wouldn’t look nearly as amazing if she wore a style that took away from her breathtaking features. It doesn’t matter whether you have a double chin or weak chin, a shaved head is a great option for keeping your hair secondary to your natural features.

5. Long Sideburns

Long sideburns are a great way to help out anyone with a thin face. If you weren’t blessed with a strong jawline, you can grow your hair into long sideburns to fake it.

This gives you a more masculine face. But skip this option if you want to draw attention away from a double chin. Double chins are highlighted by longer sideburns because it draws the eye toward the lower part of your face.

Always draw attention up or out from your chin if possible.

6. Hat

This is a cheat, but there are many hats that’ll help accent your face shape. The most flattering haircuts for double chin can grow out.

And while you’re in between cuts, wearing the right hat is one of the best ways to remain stylish. Baseball caps help take the attention away from a double chin while skull caps help add bulk to thin faces.

If you have a round face, a fedora makes your face look more thin and symmetrical. Hats are a great option if you’re balding but want to update your look through the seasons.

Hair won’t help you, but a great assortment of hats can carry you through the seasons no matter how large your double chin.

7. Side Part

The side part helps your face depending on the height of your hairline. With a receding hairline, avoid a side part.

If you have a low hairline, a side part adds drama and style since your hair falls forward framing your chin. This is a chic look that can be enhanced with waves or a tousled look if you have European textured hair.

When you have a large forehead, you won’t have as much control over where your hair falls once it is away from your face. It can mean that your hair doesn’t offset your chin at all.

It could mean that your chin stands out more because it appears to jut away from even long full hair.

8. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a rare choice for anyone looking to find a flattering look. But occasionally, it can add a memorable highlight to your face shape.

If you’re looking for a throwback hairstyle, try this with a narrow face shape. It’s a perfect solution to boring hair and won’t require fancy color treatments in order to stand out.

9. Chin Length Bob

With a round face, you’ll have your choice of hairstyles. But a chin-length bob elongates your face giving you a chic look.

If you have textured natural hair, try a side part to make your chin stand out. Even with an afro, your hair can bring a bit of symmetry to your face offsetting rounder cheeks.

Just like with a double chin, side parts when rocking an afro draws attention from the bottom half of your face to your hair.

Most Flattering Haircuts for Double Chin

You can wear the most flattering haircuts for double chin no matter what the other features are on your face. It’s important to know your favorite features about your face first so you know where to focus your attention.

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