7 Moroccan-Inspired Decor Ideas

If you’re tired of trying to find the right balance of functionality and extravagance for your home’s interior design, look no further. Moroccan-style interior design offers a bold combination of minimalist and ornate, making your home even more warm and welcoming than before.

From brightly colored and intricately decorated fabrics, to practical and cozy furniture, Moroccan-themed interior design is among the most extravagant and utilitarian styles for home decor. So if you’re looking to spice things up in your home, here are 7 Moroccan-inspired decor ideas to get you started.

Moroccan-Inspired Decor Ideas

1. Lots of bold colors

The Moroccan aesthetic comes from African, Persian, and European influences, so you know color plays a huge role. You won’t see very many pale or opaque colors on the Moroccan palette. Instead, you’ll find bold solid colors like blue, red, green, and gold.

Try painting an accent wall to introduce warmth and darken the space a little more. Modern decor is often bright and welcoming, but tends to miss the coziness that comes from introducing a touch of dark. So be bold with your color choices -even down to your choice of furniture and tables!

2. Intricate fabrics

Another great way to bring Morocco into your home is through high-end and intricately decorated fabrics. You may not want to hang a tapestry on your wall, but you always have the option to reupholster your couches and armchairs.

A full reupholster isn’t always necessary though. Sometimes all it takes is one or two beautifully decorated throw blankets and some Moroccan-inspired pillows for your living room.

3. Dim lantern lighting

The lighting in any room is of the utmost importance. It can seriously make or break any interior design, so make sure yours is on point! Moroccan design has always included dim lantern lighting. Whether you replace your existing light fixtures, or introduce a new lamp or two, getting the lighting just right will make all the difference in the world.

4. Rugs

If authentic is what you’re going for with your interior design, then you definitely need to consider purchasing a Moroccan-made luxury rug. Moroccan-style rugs will bring that sense of coziness you need, as well as the exotic flair of Morocco which so many interior designers crave.

You can’t argue with warm feet and a comfy floor, so we recommend not skipping out on this piece. Check out this ultimate guide to Moroccan-style rugs to learn all you need to know!

5. Ornate and striking tiles

In-your-face isn’t always something interior designers go for when decorating, but going Moroccan gives you a license to be bold. Light and subdued tiles might look nice in your friend’s kitchen, but they have no place in your extravagant design.

For a Moroccan style, you need tiles that jump out and pop with color. It might not feel like it yet, but ornate tiles are worth the extra money and handmade tiles add to the decadent character of Morocco.

6. Lower furniture

A major driving force behind the appeal to Moroccan-style is its functionality. Moroccan style promotes a sense of repose and relaxation, so the furniture -everything from the couches, to the chairs, to your side-tables- all sits lower to the ground.

If you end up having to choose between beautiful handcrafted and ornate furniture, and furniture that sits lower to the ground, you should definitely go with what sits lower to the ground. If Moroccan is your goal, then aim to be closer to the floor!

7. Time to bring the outside in

For the most exotic look, consider introducing exotic plants into your Moroccan-style interior design. A single plant can elevate the warm and feel of any room, so why not use that to your advantage?

Make sure that your plants are potted in colorful (and even ornately decorated) pots. The pots themselves are just as important as the plant in this case! For a tropical Moroccan theme, get yourself a banana or papyrus tree for truly Moroccan-inspired home decor.


If you’re looking to transform your home from a bland and modern design into an exotic Moroccan escape, make sure you try these seven home decor ideas. You’ll be enjoying your new Moroccan-style interior design in no time!


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