The Best Way To Monitor Temperature During Transit of Fresh Food

Fresh food is transferred across the country every day. In fact, this section of the transport industry is estimated to be worth $14 billion per year.

Of course, that’s small comfort if you are looking to transport fresh produce from one place to another. The main thing that interests you is how to make sure the temperature is maintained and your product arrives in perfect condition.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make sure the temperature is monitored throughout the journey.

fresh food transit

Package Trackers

The first thing your business should invest in is a temperature data logger. This is a small sticker that affixes to the parcel or parcels you’re sending. It is color-coded and programmed to monitor the temperature.

Specifically, it will change color if the temperature moves outside of an indicated range. The receiver of your parcel will then know that the temperature has not been maintained properly during transit.

They can refuse the item without affecting your reputation. Additionally, this simple approach will allow you to demonstrate the freight company was at fault. That makes it much easier to get the funds from your insurance company.

Knowing these trackers are in position can even help the freight company to take better care of your parcels.

In-Transit Temperature Monitoring

Alongside the trackers, you should also verify that the trucks being used have temperature gauges and monitoring systems.

A basic system will monitor the temperature inside the truck and tell the driver if the temperature is close to or goes outside the indicated range.

More sophisticated systems have wireless connectivity which allows the head office to monitor the temperature and react when there is an issue. You may even be able to monitor the temperature as well, giving you peace of mind.

Naturally, a wireless system provides the opportunity for the company to send out a replacement trailer and keep the items cool, even on the hottest of days.


If you are looking for a company to transfer your fresh food then you should check their reputation, before you commit to one. You should know who they are and that they are respected in the industry.

If you have concerns speak to other people using their services or take a look at online forums to see what people think of the business.

You will get some negative comments but the majority of them should be positive.


Getting the packaging right is instrumental to ensuring your produce gets where it needs to go safely. Packaging should be designed to minimize movement during transit, this will help to prevent bruises and other damage to your fresh produce.

In addition, the packaging can be insulated to help maintain the temperature of your produce, even if there is an issue with the truck. This can make all the difference to delivering fresh food as opposed to food that has already perished.

A little amount of thought before dispatch can go a long way to ensuring you have the best transport service possible.

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