Building Magic With A Modern Rustic Interior Design Featuring Grey Color Palette

Interior design encapsulates a wide range of themes, ideas, color palettes, design styles, and many other aspects. When you want to design your home, you should choose professionals like seasoned interior designers to carry out the whole process of renovation from start till the end. However, you still have the liberty to pitch in your own ideas and preferences which the interior design company would gladly incorporate into the final design.

Renovating or designing a new home usually begins with a particular design style around which all the other elements of interior design revolve. These styles include contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, rustic, modern, minimalistic, and many others. In this blog, we will discuss a beautiful, elegant, and cosy interior design by Swiss Interior that plays on a rustic and modern theme featuring one of the hottest pantone colors of the year 2021: grey! Grey color when used intelligently can create such a soothing and elegant interior that is bound to impress anyone. The portfolio featured here is a renovation project of a 4-room flat by Swiss Interior at 607A Edgefield Plains.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

Modern Rustic Interior at 607A Edgefield Plains Design by Swiss Interior

Airy Living Room

The living room is dominated by the grey color with the sofas and walls featuring different shades of grey. Even the fan is a shade of grey but the walls are kept very light colored so that the room does not appear gloomy. To further uplift the living room’s appearance, colorful cushions are placed on the sofa which beautifully complement and bring harmony to the shades of grey. With sheer white curtains, it is ensured that plenty of sunlight enters the room which illuminates all elements of the design. A green leafy plant ties together all the different elements and colors of the design.

Grey Kitchen

The kitchen is designed beautifully with grey color dominating the theme. The overhead cabinets are chosen to be a lighter tone of grey with grains of brown so that the kitchen does not become too dark. The lower cabinets are of a deep grey shade which perfectly complement the light grey floor tiles. The adjoining laundry area has rustic floor tiles which go really well with the modern kitchen design. Modern lighting also enhances the kitchen’s overall outlook.

Rustic Bohemian Bathroom

The bathrooms at this 4-room flat are simply exquisite with a perfect combination of modern, rustic, and bohemian architecture. The floors are kept traditional with wood-patterned floor tiles. The wall tiles are of a light grey shade with the wall tiles of the shower area featuring bohemian design tiles in shades of grey. These Bohemian tiles are used intelligently in only the shower space so that they do not overpower the room’s appearance. In this way, they do not become sore for the eyes but add a modern and rustic touch to the bathroom. Recessed and indirect lighting is used in the bathroom to create a dramatic and magical effect.

Wooden Floors

wooden floors

Throughout the house, the floors are kept in a traditional wood pattern which go beautifully with the grey walls and other grey elements. The carpentry in the house is exquisite which is further accentuated by using different forms of modern lighting. At some places, recessed and cove lighting is used whereas other areas are illuminated by pendant lamps. Notice that in almost every room, a round mirror has been installed on one of the walls. This helps to create a soothing and calming effect since curves are specifically used to achieve this purpose in interior design.

Cosy Bedrooms

The bedrooms are designed with the specific intention of making them cosy, warm, and comfortable. For this purpose, soft and comfortable grey beddings and fabrics are used. The curtains are also of a medium shade of grey but the large windows ensure that plenty of light can enter the room. Modern consoles are kept in the bedrooms with round mirrors above them. One wall of each bedroom is of a deep turquoise-grey shade whereas the other walls are kept of a lighter grey shade. This use of different shades of grey ensures that the comfortable and calming effect of the grey color is not overshadowed by the gloominess which too much grey color can bring to a space.

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