Mobile Form Apps: Five Reasons Why They Make Your Life Easier

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that the digital age has made our lives a lot easier, and nowhere is this truer than in the business world. The fact that you can access websites, do your banking, and request information from various companies on your mobile phone is nothing short of amazing.

An app that offers any type of mobile form like ProntoForms is especially useful because it allows you to fill out and submit the form without having to deal with the hassles of paperwork. If you spend a lot of time out of the office at your job, these apps are something you need. Below are five reasons why you’ll learn to appreciate them.

Mobile Form Apps

1. You Can Create Customized PDFs

If you need to fill out a form and send it as a PDF to make it easier on the recipients, you can do so with an app that lets you work with these types of forms. You can simply fill out the form to personalize it, then send it as a PDF form to all of the recipients. This means that the recipients have a permanent form that they cannot alter in any way, making it a lot more trustworthy in the end.

PDFs are easy to open on their end and allow you to include anything you need to be included on them, such as logos for your business and even customized colours, font, font sizes, and more.

2. It Makes Remote Work Much Easier

These days, people work from all different locations, including their homes and on the road. People cannot always be in the same room as the recipient with the paperwork they need filled out, which makes a mobile form app such a convenience.

Instead of handling hard copies of forms, you can just send the form via the app, let the recipient fill in the form, and then afterward, they can submit it back directly to you. Instead of taking hours or even days to get paperwork and various forms filled in and submitted, it takes a matter of minutes to make this work.

3. It Makes Daily Progress Reports More Timely

Many companies need daily progress reports for field workers and workers in various physical locations, and these apps make this task both easier and faster. With apps that allow you to send and receive various forms, deadlines can be met and there is no need to call in or go to a computer just to submit a report at the end of the day.

Mobile forms allow you to keep track of what everyone is doing because all of this information is in one central location. In addition, because everyone has a mobile phone these days, you don’t have to worry about workers not being able to submit any of the forms on time.

4. It Is Easier to Track What’s Going on

With digital forms that are found on apps, the information you have access to is always current and up to date. This means that managing your supply chain is a lot easier for you. At any time, you can track your parts and supplies and even find out when these items leave your facility just by having access to these mobile forms.

You can match up all sorts of data with order and delivery data, and even send that data to your billing software so that you always end up with invoicing that is accurate and error-free. With mobile form apps, supply chain management has never been easier or more accurate.

5. It Is Easier to Manage Your Fleet Operations

If you work with all different drivers who drive all over the place each day to get their work done, utilizing mobile forms is the only way to do business. Truck drivers usually have to account for everything they’re doing each day and paperwork is part of that effort. When they can do these things online instead of by using hard copies of all of these forms, it saves everyone in the company both time and money.

Better still, you can learn in real time what the drivers are doing, the status of the haul, and what the GPS and time-stamping data reveal, and even receive photos from the drivers when necessary. All aspects of your fleet management become a lot simpler with these apps.

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