Kristin Richard Age, Height, Wiki Bio and little known facts

Kristin Richard was born in 1974 and her birthplace is the United States. She holds onto American Nationality and also has mixed ethnicity. Her full name is Kristin Richard and people call her Kristin. She is famous for being the Ex-wife of Lance Armstrong. Her exact birth date is not mentioned but her current age is 40 years. Her zodiac sign is Leo and she belongs to the Christian religion.

Kristin Richard

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Kristin Richard Age, Height, Wiki Bio and little known facts

Career of Kristin Richard

Kristin is known for writing and is also a sports person. She is a runner and has completed multiple marathons which also include the Boston Marathon. Kristin was basically included in the theological studies where she did in the college in North Andover Massachusetts. It is located cross-country. It was tick assistant on coaching to get the best team.

To treat the spirituality of Running. In the year 2004, she won Runner’s world, and also she began writing about her experience. There are groups that get passionate about healthy connections to make the basic things on the EMDR training to her students.

Relationships of Kristin Richard

Kristin married Lance Armstrong after having a dating life. She met him in the year 1997 in the month of June. The couple got married in the year 1998 on May 1st. The couple had three kids named Luke, France, and Isabella. Then due to some personal issues, the couple got divorced in the year 2003 and it was settled for around $14 million from the union.

Most importantly, this was called the most expensive divorce in history. Her husband Lance was an American cyclist and also a public speaker. He got his career increased by making his first cycling success. He made public arrangements on speaking to the public and made his sponsorships for several years. He also offered on creating the trouble of bursting to get the best sponsors.

Hobbies and Interests of Kristin Richard

Kristin has the habit of writing and doing exercises. She made the best version of creating her children in her field. There was not much information about Kristin’s interests and hobbies.

Kristin Richard Net worth  

As a writer, and runner she holds a net worth of about $32 million estimated money. She earned this from her skills which made them successful in everything especially in running. She got the best amount on taking the studies on creating and training the younger generations.

Unknown Facts of Kristin Richard

  1. She is known for having experience in counseling younger generations, teaching and also making them get into the best place in the church.
  2. Kristin likes to create and also maintain good relationships with people and also some healthy talking around her.
  3. She trains at EMDR to aim for certified clinics in the basic form.
  4. She and Lance announced their wedding in the year 2005 and they got separated in the year 2006.
  5. In the year 2008, her ex-husband started dating Anna Hansen after meeting her during charity work.

Bottom line

Kristin being a positive thinker tries to keep her surroundings happy and then makes them better companion. She wishes to get the better of the people to make them happy.

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