5 Quick Steps to Stress Relief at Work

A worker can only dream of Stress relief at work. Stress is something that is completely unavoidable at work. It is a fact that is well approved by an alarming percentage of workers.

The reasons for stress are many: growing job dissatisfaction, ever-increasing workload, deadline pressures, the dearth of mandatory vacation, and poor work is to life balance. Unfortunately, the present work culture and lifestyle leaves little scope for immediate change.

However, the rapidly growing job stress necessitates techniques for stress relief at work. Thus, we employ stress busters, a handful of seemingly insignificant exercises that guarantee significant results, and help survive stress at work.

Quick Steps to Stress Relief at Work

5 Quick Steps to Stress Relief at Work

1. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Understand this, no matter how fast a worker you are, there is a limit to how quickly you can execute a task. Instead of setting unrealistic goals for task completion that could end in failure and fuel your stress levels, try breaking down your work.

Split a large goal into smaller, reachable targets. Make a ‘to-do’ list and arrange your work according to priorities, and concentrate on completing those first. Once done, tick your accomplishments instead of highlighting failed targets. With more ticks each time, your tension and stress are guaranteed to decrease.

2. Prioritize and Organize

Much of the stress is caused by trying to complete every major and minor assignment within the ridiculously tight deadline, you set for yourself. Be realistic and prioritize your work according to its importance and need for attention.

Once you have determined the more urgent tasks, get down to doing it without procrastinating. With some time to spare, consider a few minutes of tea and toilet breaks, and set your goals accordingly. Stick to it once you do. Discipline does not bring about stress, the lack of it does.

3. Delegate

There are those among us who like to think of themselves as perfectionists. In proving the same, these people end up trying to complete tasks single-handedly, struggling to execute the minutest details.

Perfection by itself is a virtue. At work, it combines with something more…planning, organization, and management…followed by distribution of work among respective department or faculty heads. Delegation helps complete a seemingly large and difficult task quicker than expected. More hands working are better than one. With the systematic execution of projects, there’s a good opportunity for stress relief at work.

4. Communicate

Good communication leaves little scope for the assumption. Ensure you communicate well with your co-workers or subordinates. Make sure they understand you and the project requirements. If you lack extempore skills, consider rehearsing before orienting your colleagues on new projects. Answer questions patiently and in as much detail as possible or needed. Remember, a lot of questions will avoid a lot of mistakes. Fewer mistakes mean less stress.

5. Take a Break!

Get up, stretch, walk around, get yourself a cup of coffee and exchange a hearty laugh or two before you return to your desk. Surf the net, throw paper planes, or squeeze your stress balls. Music too is known to help many towards stress relief at work.

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