Janna Breslin Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki, and Lesser Known Facts

Janna Breslin is an American fitness enthusiast, who is known to the world as a fitness model. The American fitness model has appeared in fashion magazine covers and it is one of the contributing reasons for the popularity. She is active on social media platforms and the fitness model is uploading new photos in a workout every single day.

The 29-year-old fitness enthusiastic is working on many projects, and she has earned a national medicine certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In short, Janna is a certified personal trainer in sports fitness. Breslin has impressed thousands of people around the world, and she has maintained her physique throughout the years. The fitness model is an active fitness instructor, and nutritional therapist and you can book an online appointment on Instagram.

Janna Breslin

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Janna Breslin Age, Height, hot pics, Instagram, Wiki, and Lesser Known Facts

Real NameJanna Breslin
BirthdayFebruary 17th, 1990
BirthplaceThousand Oaks, California, United States of America
Zodiac SignAquarius
EthnicityNorth Europe-American (Caucasian)
ProfessionFitness Model and Fitness Instructor.
Net Worth$100,000 – $1,000,000 (estimated)

What is the meaning of Janna Breslin?

Parents & family love to give a name with real meaning behind it, and Janna Breslin’s name does have a deep meaning behind it. We dug deeper into the roots of Janna and found out that she is of Scandinavian descent. We found that there is a deep meaning behind the name and you can find out below.

Janna: We found out that Janna stands for “God Is Gracious” in Scandinavian culture and it has a strong history, culture, and linguistics in North Europe.

Breslin: We have found out that Breslin has two meanings and they are “Broken Land” or “Pretty Brook.”

Janna is a good name and it spreads positivity in the community. We don’t have information on the father & mother, and profession.

Janna Breslin Instagram

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Janna Breslin Early Life

Janna is born & raised in Thousand Oaks, California and she is the only child in the family. We don’t have information on the parents & profession and Breslin maintains a private life. The fitness lifestyle did come at an early age and she started to involve herself in elementary school. The fitness model was physically active by involving in sports like cross-country track & field, running, and soccer. She focused on gymnastics to improve body elasticity and that’s one of the reasons, why she is looking stunning in aerobics. She participated in gymnastics for seven years and kept improving elasticity & knowledge.

Janna had a positive fitness experience but she took workout seriously in high school. The road to fitness modeling as a career took many years, but the humble beginnings started in high school. She started to lift weights to strengthen muscles, and focus on six-packs. The Thousand Oaks model prepared a diet plan and workout routine that continued for three years.

The school discipline has helped the fitness model to focus on the gym workout for three years, and she decided to become what she is today by the end of high school. However, Breslin spent four years in the choir, and she completed matriculation in 2008. She enrolled at California State University to pursue further education and earned a Health Communication Degree in 2012. The fitness model was active in pole vaulting & high jumping.

Career Beginnings

Janna worked in many places during college days, and she took on a receptionist job to cover the expenses of the degree. The young model says that it was her favorite job so far, and she continued working in many jobs like a pharmacy sales representative, which lasted for a year. The odd jobs were done by this time, and she earned a degree, which pushed her to focus on a modeling career. Janna took on swimwear model projects temporarily until that turning point arrived.

Fitness Career

In 2008, Janna dedicated time to improving skills and focused on earning a degree. Meanwhile, she competed in National Physique Committee competitions, which led to six first-place trophies under the belt. The new changes in life encouraged the future fitness guru to shift the course from Swimwear Modelling to Fitness Training in 2011. The young lady won many trophies, which led to being featured on the front pages of various magazines.

Breslin continued sharing fitness knowledge on various mediums to men and women over the years. She created many health programs, where the average person can enroll, and learn to live a healthy life without complications. She participated in many nutrition seminars and courses to educate about the new research and techniques that can improve health. The active community kept Breslin engaged with new ground-breaking fitness-boosting discoveries.

Breslin is active on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. The world loves fitness videos on Instagram and she understood that the followers need professional daily advice on maintaining a healthy life. You can watch exercise videos on social media and she is covering many topics in the visual content. The 29-year-old fitness models don’t hesitate to show off six-packs and strong arms to the world. Janna has a stunning physique and impressive routine that will keep you mesmerized.

Official Website

Janna launched an official website, where followers can come to join health programs. You can download the mobile app to sign up for the program and start focusing on living a healthy life. The fitness instructor works out every single day, which allows the loyal paying subscribers to attend online coaching sessions and find out the benefits of it in real-time. Janna developed the monetization plan to generate respectable income from fame and hard work. You can subscribe to weekly, monthly, and yearly plans and take counseling on supplementation, workout plans, and diet plans. The fitness instructor is taking time to promote supplements on social media platforms.

Love Interest

Janna maintains a private life and did not reveal love life in public in the past. There is no information on dating status, and whom she has dated in the past. Breslin is married to a US Air Force pilot, and the couple has dated for a few years and then decided to tie the knot in 2014. The couple loves to travel around the world, and they are residing in San Diego, California and they have a dog named Mayday.

Janna Words of Wisdom

Janna posts words of wisdom to the followers, who need the motivation to do more than just living a modern life. The fitness instructor & model believes in Positivity & Optimism, which leads to the ultimate mental health. Millions of people don’t take mental health seriously, and that’s what Janna is trying to convey, and she believes in positivity & optimism that makes the impossible, possible.

Body Measurements

Height: 5.8 feet (172cm)!

Weight: 139lbs (63kgs)!

What is Janna Breslin’s net worth?

Janna Breslin is an active fitness model & certified instructor and is working for a decade now. Many sources have claimed that she generated over $1 million from appearing in fitness magazines, fitness courses, fitness programs, counseling, and promoting supplements on social media. Breslin’s net worth will increase in the coming years as social media is becoming more powerful and she is reaching a wider audience.

Janna Breslin’s Social Media

Instagram: @jannabreslin

Twitter: @jannabreslin

Facebook: @annabreslinfitness

Janna Breslin is consistent, and working towards building a healthy community. She is involving herself in many fitness programs and communities that will help her knowledge grow and help thousands of people to lead by example.

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