Take a Closer Look at How Marketers Get Votes for Online Contests

Being a contest marketer is fun when you know what to do correctly. As a contest marketer, you have to handle many things like advertisement campaigns, budget setting, and goal setting. Every step is important to note and track the results constantly over time until we get success. To get great results from contest marketing, you can follow this guide.

In this post, we detailed the great ways one by one with super ideas. Let’s look them deeply to start our mission as a pro contest marketer to get votes for online contests.

online contests

1. Start with social media contest search

Marketers find the right contests to join every week and month. They choose social media platform to find their desire contests. One of the popular platforms among other social media sites is Facebook. It greatly helps to harvest new contest for any niche. Many types of polls available on Facebook to choose.

Start with searching the contests which have super prizes for contestants. You have to create a goal to find the perfect prize having contests to join. At the same time, the contest creator should have a high trust score across all the online platforms. When you join for the contest which has high quality prize and security and you can be cool.

You are investing big money in advertising to get more votes for contests. So it is mandatory to choose the super quality contests. Sharing is easy with social media sites and we know that. Joining for social media contests help you to share the contest link with your fans also it helps to get instant votes.

Directory sites like “get online votes” and “the balance every day” help people to find contests in a simple way.

2. Simple IP Poll contests     

Listening to current updates of your niche competitor is important to get quick success. Sometimes, your competitor may join for different contests at the same time. You have to find out how he manages both polls at the same time. Following your competitor action is very essential in contest marketing.

Perhaps some contests may have issues and your competitor may skip those contests. When you follow your competitor and you can simply avoid those wrong contests. Normally, simple IP poll contests have 5 to 10 contestants. There are many app providers give permission to contest creators to conduct contest at free of cost.

For those contests surely get low interest from the audience. If the contest creator has no interest to invest in paying contests, the contestants decrease the trust score of the contest. Also, simple IP poll contests are easy to hack and can make the votes count numbers to 100k plus in few hours of code work.

Smart marketers know this and skip this contest type from their top contests list.

3. Quality input need to get the perfect votes

online contests

From the above to tactics, you should have a clear idea about choosing the right contests to join. From here we are going to see the ways to get votes fast for your contest.

– For photo contests, use perfectly clicked photos. The photo you share should have the impressive look to get votes organically.

– You can hire a photographer to take those photos than using your selfie camera. Photographers know well how to make the best photo click for your contest entry.

– When you join for video contests, you have to cut and edit the videos to look perfect. You can hire freelancers from several marketing platforms to make your videos to look perfect.

– Quality input helps you to get a high trust score from contest creators. If your contest gets thousands of votes in a day and your contest admin should not suspect your votes. Having the super quality input helps you in several ways to get quick votes for your contest.

4. Voting Agencies help to buy quick votes for polls

Voting agencies help as a bit of lightning rod for contestants. Is your contest has worthy prizes? It’s time to get lead among your competitors using voting agencies. You can buy votes for contests whenever you want when you have the right budget.

We recommend you to join for contest which had winners with votes count below 2000. When your competitor’s lists have more celebrities and your chance of winning percentage will decrease.

Joining for contests where normal audience join helps you to win easily. Vapulsemedia vote supplier has great plans for contestants to win contest. They ask full details about contests and give right directions to the contestants to win contests.

You can submit your contest terms and rules to them with your contest entry link. Once you get response from them, tell your budget and number of votes you looking for. Probably on the same day, you will get price quotation from vapulsemedia team support. Compare the prizes across all the providers and start getting votes for your contest to win prizes.

5. Set up accounts on right social media platforms

If your contest has small value prizes, you can’t invest money to buy votes. In this case, we recommend to “vote for vote network” sites. You can simply create several accounts using unique IP addresses. Generate custom URL for your contest entry using the app like “bitly” and track your votes.

For Facebook contests, you can simply create accounts as much as possible and fill the profile with relevant images and posts to make real look. After 48 hours of account creation, you can use those accounts to vote for your contest.

Some vote exchange sites allow users to purchase advertisement space to promote contest link. You can purchase that too.

Final Words:

Using these top strategies, you can superbly get quick votes for your contest. Anyhow, you should careful when chose contest to join. Competition level should be lower also the contest duration time should be lower than 2 weeks. Another important point is selecting the contests which issues super prize offers for contestants.

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