The Four Horsemen of a Fashionista

You might have seen and dreamt of being a diva in your life. When you see an image of a model and desire to look like them, there are many things you need to take care of. This may include changing your diet, your daily routine, or your wardrobe. But what if we told you that all you need are small changes in your attire and you can look like a fashionista?

The following article highlights the best ways to look beautiful without changing your lifestyle too much: the so-called horsemen of a fashionista.

The Four Horsemen of a Fashionista

Your Dress

The dress is the most important part of your attire. It is what will decide your aesthetic, around which you’ll choose all the accessories, the color, and your beauty. Your beauty is nowhere limited to it, though, but how you dress in a place impacts the impression you leave on people. Dress well, and you shall find that all eyes are on you, and you are the center of everyone’s attention.

You need to wear a dress that suits your body shape; it should highlight all the good features, it should be comfortable too. A dress should be comfortable overlooking good because if you are handling yourself well, that confidence itself increases your style thousandfold.

Your glasses

Your glasses cover a big part of your face, your eyes, and a good chunk of your nose. These glasses should look good; they should suit the shape of your face while also being appropriately colored (or discolored) so that it looks stylish. You can go for vintage glasses, tortoise shell glasses, sunglasses, or any form of trendy eyewear that suits you.

You can wear anything that looks good but make sure that it doesn’t harm your eyes. If your eyes are a bit weak, the glasses should be concave or convex (depending on your problem), and if your eyes are just fine, you should use powerless glasses.

The threshold of fashion lies in your comfort. If you are confident enough that you can pull off anything, then that is how it is. Sunglasses are a good way to protect your eyes from the sun, but also are a good article that would go well with any sort of attire. You need to understand the aesthetic you are going for before buying your glasses.

Your makeup

You don’t always need makeup to look good; if you like a natural look, then go with it. Choose the aesthetic look you want to go for and match it with your makeup. Use eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, and mascara as per your needs so that it doesn’t look overdone or too subtle either. Makeup is a good way to highlight parts of your face, so they stand out, like the mascara that highlights your eyes, the lipstick that highlights your lips, and the foundation that helps bring out your cheekbones.

You need to decide what look you are going for. For example, if you are going for a goth look, you want to wear a black dress, put on black eyeliner, and black lipstick. It is not something you would do every day, but once in a while, being fashionable doesn’t hurt.

You don’t always need makeup, though. If you are using makeup, make sure that you are using branded items, unbranded products might contain harmful chemicals that can harm your face rather than make it look better.

Your accessories

Your accessories include your purse, your earrings, your rings, and so on. Every little detail in an attire matters. Everything should match with the aesthetic. You won’t wear a bright gemstone with goth attire; you’d prefer something of a darker shade, mostly black. Similarly, you will try to wear vibrant earrings when you are going for a casual party or a date. You need to dress up according to any situation and make sure that you handle yourself confidently. That’s the secret behind being a fashionista apart from these four parameters that were talked about in this article.

Hopefully, you got to know more about fashion through this article. All it requires is a bit of self-control, a bit of fashion sense, and a lot of confidence in what you are wearing. Everything can become a trend if the right person wears it.

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