Home refinancing pros and cons

The high cost of real estate, compel the common man to avail the facility of credit creation or loans. The loan that is used to purchase real estate is charged with a very high rate of interest. The real estate (for example a house) is pledged as collateral. This facility is commonly known as a home loan or a mortgage.

If the rate of interest on the credit creation facility falls due to the excessive supply of credit, then the borrower of the home loan can take another personal loan to pay off the home loan. The personal loan that is taken, has a very low borrowing cost, which is a lowered rate of interest. This personal loan is termed a home refinance. It usually has a long period of repayment.

The lending organizations insist that the borrower of the home refinance loan should fulfill some conditions, such as a job, or a very secure and steady flow of income. Some of the organizations also insist that the borrower must also have a very good credit history, score, and rating, and good income projection.

home refinancing pros and cons

Pros of Home Refinance

The advantage of availing of a home-refinance is that the rate of interest (cost of the credit) is very low. The second advantage is that the period of repayment is extended. Thus the overall outward cash flow is also improved or rather lowered. In contrast, the rates of interest of the short period loans are constantly fluctuating. However, the rate of interest for home refinancing loans remains quite steady and is not affected by the fluctuation of demand and supply on the graph of equilibrium. In some nations, the borrower can benefit from tax exemptions. Another advantage of the home refinance loan is that it rarely leads to bankruptcy or insolvency of the borrower. After availing of the home refinance loan, the borrower finds a lot of liquid finance at his disposal, due to the low rate of interest. The economic fluctuations do not affect the borrower’s credit history as he finds it easy to pay the low interest.

Cons of Home Refinance

The disadvantages of refinancing a home loan, outweigh the disadvantages of a normal home loan because of the fact, that the refinancing loan is sanctioned in such a manner that it overcomes the drawbacks of the original home loan. The second disadvantage is that the borrower may have to pay a penalty to the organization that lent him the original home loan before availing of the home refinance facility. The home refinances loan remains a part of the borrower’s financial activity for a very long time. His credit history may be considered in a negative light by some financial organizations, like credit card companies. Sometimes, the interest that is charged is less in the initial period of the loan. However, it might go on increasing by the end of the repayment period. This sounds convenient, however, the total transaction tends to be costly, if not inconvenient.

Before one applies for a home refinance, the overall economic conditions must be assessed, because the loan may sound good, but it can backfire. On the other hand, it can also prove to be very successful, convenient and will help the borrower survive a financial crisis.

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