5 Steps to High-Quality Link Building for Your Website

Link building is known as the practice of building one-way hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are also referred to as backlinks.  Here this activity is performed to improve the search engine visibility of the website. There are various ways through which one can build the backlinks such as through useful tools, content marketing, broken link building, public relations, and email outreach. Link building is known as the cornerstone of SEO. It is one of the important factors that search engines use to determine the ranking of the website.

The more trustworthy and high-quality websites are linked to you, the higher would be the ranking of your website. According to the experts at Hawk Academy at StudioHawk, Google’s algorithm always evolves and backlinks are known as the important factor in the process of website ranking. According to webmasters, it can improve the rank of the websites by increasing the number of high-quality websites liked to their internal pages. Many of you would be confused about link-building strategies. Here is the list of strategies that would help you to build effective backlinks.

High-Quality Link Building

Use the guest blogging

Guest blogging is known as the age-old method to generate backlinks. It is not only about simply posting a blog post along with your website link. You need to work on the right strategy to reap the maximum rewards of it. First of all, make sure to draft a unique piece of article for the other website form where you are expecting a backlink. The website that you choose to post should be relevant to your niche and should attract the audience to read the content. This way you would be able to generate a good amount of traffic and quality backlinks.

Create the Infographics

There was a misconception that infographics are not in trend anymore which is wrong.  Infographics still play an important role in the link-building strategy. With Infographics you will be able to generate organic traffic for your blog and earn a good number of quality backlinks for your website. According to the research the blog posts or the articles with infographics earn 178% more links as compared to the regular posts. Creating infographics can be an expensive thing but these are perfect to communicate the idea or concept. Infographics work well for representing the research, data, and findings of the work. If you have an in-house designer then you can also try to work on the infographic where you can feature the infographic model along with animated gifs.

Be Active on social media

Social Media is also contributing a lot to the link-building process. Hence it is important to build up the social media presence and be active on it. You can follow various activities on social media platforms such as posting images, videos, or any other updates. You can also let your fans find what they are looking for by sharing the content at various places on social media. With social media, you can easily boost engagement even if you are completely new to the platform. Also with social media, you will be able to expose the brand and the website to more audiences.

Use the trusted resource links

It is important to use the resource links from the trusted sources. This will help to add credibility to your website. Taking help from the trusted websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, or Copy blogger will help to get quality backlinks. These websites tend to have resource pages that you can use to create yours. You can also create a resource article of your own to earn more backlinks.

Rely on the broken links

If you do not have ample amount of time to write the guest post or create the infographics then you can certainly work on the broken links to earn the backlinks for your websites. Here you need to find the pages on various blogs that contain the dead links and suggest the alternative for the broken link to similar content on your website. There are various resources available on the internet that can help you to understand the concept of broken link building and get it right.

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