High Protein Diet Side Effects

In general, a high protein diet plan is purported for sportspersons and bodybuilders to help gain lean muscles and at the same time, lose accumulated body fats. Slowly, it has gain popularity as a weight loss diet amongst people, who are desperate to maintain weight without going through strenuous exercise or ingesting diet pills. But, a dieter should not neglect the high protein diet side effects reported by people who have already followed this dieting program.

Side Effects of High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet Side Effects- Why High Protein Diet is Risky?

For a person to stay healthy, the key rules are consuming a balanced diet and maintaining regular physical activities. So, consuming a diet loaded with protein and compromising in other nutrients is no less than disturbing the normal body system balance, which over time will cause negative effects. Thus, people who are planning to experiment this dieting strategy should learn about the high protein diet side effects, so as to stay away from the possible health risks.

High Protein Diet Side Effects

According to health experts, the recommended protein intake per day is 0.8-1 g per kilogram body weight. In a diet based on high protein, the calorie requirement of a person is analyzed carefully and the meal menu is decided. Despite this consideration, the dangers of a high protein diet are much more than the claimed benefits. Discussed below are high protein diet side effects, which every prospective dieter should know before actually following this diet program:

Kidney Problems

A major high protein diet health risk is of possible impaired function of the kidneys. Indulging in a high protein diet for weight loss pressurizes the kidneys, so as to flush off the generated wastes. People who rely on this diet for an extended period are at risk of developing kidney problems, kidney stones, and in severe cases, kidney failure.

Digestion Problems

A high intake of protein makes a person feel satiated for a long time, thus reducing appetite. Go through the list of high protein foods; it is quite likely that many of the food items lack dietary fiber. Low fiber intake is associated with digestive health problems, some of which are constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Risk for Osteoporosis

A large amount of protein digestion leads to the release of harmful chemicals in the body. The body system gets rid of acid with the help of calcium. Over time, calcium amount is reduced in the bones, thereby causing weak bones and osteoporosis. Supplementing calcium may help in reducing such high protein diet side effects to some extent.

Increased Allergic Responses

Another negative effect of high protein diet in the body is hypersensitivity of the immune system towards allergens, including environmental pollutants, chemical sprays, and certain food items. Ingesting excess amounts of foods rich in protein either trigger allergies or aggravate existing allergy problem in dieters.

Nutrient Deficiency

While trying to balance the calorie intake with high protein food items, it does happen that other essential nutrients (especially the trace elements that are found in specific food items) are excluded from the daily diet plan. If this trend continues for an extended period, nutrient deficiency symptoms and malnutrition result.

Medical Conditions

The side effects of a high protein diet plan for weight loss are linked with several medical complications, including ketosis, heart disease. It can also be the cause of cancer and many more. This is because foods rich in proteins also contain saturated fats, which is a major reason for elevated cholesterol levels. The possibility of experiencing high protein diet side effects depends on the high protein diet plan and overall health of the patient. Knowing what is ketosis is important before taking up this diet.

No doubt, a diet based on protein is different from the low carb diet fads that claim to have quick weight loss effects. But, it is still not free from adverse effects. People who are already predisposed to renal and cardiac problems have a higher risk of manifesting medical conditions after following high protein diet. On the safer side, an effective weight loss diet should contain a balanced amount of fiber, plant based carbohydrate and protein, while limiting fat intake.

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