The Ins and Outs of HIFU Treatments in Singapore

Since Asia is the biggest continent in the world that contains countries with highly-advanced technologies, it is not new to learn that they may also be pioneers in all sorts of medical fields, surgery being one of them. One modern cosmetic procedure is the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU which will be discussed in this article.

HIFU is defined as a non-surgical process where lasers are used for skin tightening, lifting, and body contouring. To be specific, it utilizes ultrasound energy that aids in facilitating the production of collagen that would result in firmer skin since it focuses on the deepest layers of the flesh.

HiFU treatment Singapore

Moreover, it is also used in treating tumors since it was reported last 2008. Basically, this process is intended for the face and people with lumps or swelling.

HIFU vs. Face Lift

In this scenario, HIFU is actually giving facelifts a run for their money since the process and healing time is much faster. In addition, it is also said that the results of both of the procedures are very similar. However, how exactly are they different from one another?

When it comes to the cost, HIFU is much cheaper by 500 percent compared to that of a facelift. Moreover, there is no recovery time involved since no knives and cuts were made on your face. A regular lift takes about two weeks to a whole month of healing.

Not to mention the risks, as the laser process actually eliminates a lot of dangers that may happen in a facelift. Lastly, facelifts last longer with an average of 12.6 years than a HiFU wherein you need to have a redo after six months.

Treatments and Costs of HIFU in Singapore

You can get your HiFU in any dermatology and aesthetic clinics. Of course, it is much preferred to go to licensed institutions like Cambridge Medical.

There are many different types of treatment with HIFU in Singapore offers numerous treatments. But basically, it can be divided into three types: Ulthera, Ultraformer 3, and Sygmalift.

UltheraHiFu is a medical machine manufactured and used worldwide that counters the effects of gravity on the skin without using any knives and scalpels. Moreover, it is FDA-approved in terms of skin tightening, showing that it is safe to use. Its average cost in Singapore is around $2300 to $5000 for a single session. However, that single session is what you only need before returning there for six to twelve months after.

Next is Ultraformer 3 wherein it focuses on the precision of medical ultrasound, going deeper to the skin layers to treat it through heating and stimulating the collagen fibers and tighten and lift the skin. A typical HIFUprocedure in Singapore is estimated to cost between $2000 to $5000 for one session before coming back between six to twelve months.

Lastly, Sygmalift is actually newly launched in Singapore. This treatment claims for a faster process with great accuracy that would reach even the submental fat and give that rejuvenating effect. In fact, this procedure is the cheapest out of the bunch. It costs around $500 to $700 but should be done for three to five sessions with a gap of three to four weeks each.


Obviously, since it has been around for a long time since its invention, it has proven itself to be beneficial in many areas in terms of skin lifting and tightening.

For starters, it can greatly reduce wrinkles. Even the fine lines and sagging skin will be tensed back to their thick and plump status. However, this process may not be as effective if your skin is too saggy to be lifted.

Another benefit is that it is a safe procedure. There are fewer errors that could happen in the operating room. In fact, it costs cheaper than a facelift. Since no scalpels will be used, this is a painless and non-invasive treatment but can have a similar result to what you can achieve with surgery.

Lastly, HiFU is not only for the face but can also be done on the neck, eyebrows, and eyelids to give you that young aura once again since it tightens and tones the décolletage of the aforementioned parts.

Risks and Side Effects

Simply put, the only side effect of doing HiFU is that you will see some slight redness and swelling on the area it was put on. Other times, you can feel a tingling sensation but that would be gone in a few weeks. If it does not, please return and consult your doctor.

To conclude, doing any surgery or laser procedure is not a sin. If it helps you to feel better about yourself and increase your self-esteem, then you might as well give it a go.

Needless to say, HiFU is indeed the next level face lifting with tons of benefits, fewer risks, and is good for your wallet. But just like everything, make sure to be vigilant in all clinics and hospitals that should possess licenses to have a smooth transaction.

All it takes is to acquire knowledge and information before taking the next step so as to have a successful operation.

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