6 Facts of Golden Temple Vellore will grab your attention

There are many beautiful temples in the world, belong to various religions. People from all over the world are devotes of these deities. Many of the temples in India and abroad are famous for their beauty, but today we are going to tell you about a temple which is made of pure gold. Tourists from distant places all over the world came here to see this temple built in India. We are telling you about the 5 facts of Golden Temple Vellore which will grab your attention and your next travel destination could be Vellore to see this temple.  Let’s know some more things about Golden Temple Vellore.

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1. Nearby all major Cities of Tamilnadu

You must have seen the temple a lot but seeing the sight of this temple made of gold you will also be stunned. Golden temple complex inside the Sripuram, Vellore is situated at the small range of green hills in Thirumalaikodi Village. It is 145 km from Chennai, 120 km from Tirupati, 160 km from Puducherry and 200 km from Bengaluru.

 2. Build with 1500 Kg of Pure Gold

This temple is made of 1500 kg of pure gold which doubles the golden temple Amritsar. Millions of devotees come every year to worship Mahalaxmi Mata in this temple and to see its magnificence. About 300 crores of rupees have been spent to make this temple known as Gold City. Spread over 100 acres, the greenery spreads around this temple attracts everyone’s mind. Outside this temple, a beautiful lake has also been built, which brings water to the main rivers of the world. Therefore it is also called Tirtham Sarovar.

3. The design of Golden Temple Vellore

This temple has used a large quantity of gold in the interior and exterior decorations. There is not much gold in the construction of any temple in the world. Surrounded by greenery and gold in the middle, this temple looks very beautiful in the night light. The temple is opened for darshan from 4 am to 8 am for morning and 8 am to 8 pm for visas.

4. Devoted to Sri Lakshmi Narayani

Every single piece of art of Sri Lakshmi Narayani or Maha Lakshmi the goddess of wealth present in this temple is made by hands. From the walls of the temple to the doors, all are made of gold, and a nymph standing at the entrance of the temple welcomes people coming from top to bottom with gold ornaments. If you are planning a trip to Tamil Nadu then do not forget to look at this temple.

5. Sri Chakra of Length 1.8 Km

Sri Chakra, a star shaped symbol of length 1.8 Km is Positioned in the middle of the lush green landscape of this Temple which is really fascinating for the visitors. Walking at this place will make you attached physically with both the nature and spiritually with the God.

6. Art Work is done Manually

Art Work on the temple was done manually including Gold foil layers has been mounted on copper plates. Each and every detail of temple artwork has a significance of Vedas.

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