How do you care for indoor succulents?

Caring for the succulents is possible when one knows perfectly about the requirements of succulents inside the house for their proper development. This will help one to care about the succulents inside our house at the utmost level.

Watering the succulents

Succulent plants are excellent at making a little drop of water going a long way. So they are mostly found in deserts. If a leaf or stem of a succulent is cut and squeezed by hand we will see that it is excreting water from it. That means it stores a lot amount of water inside it. It has desert nature inside it. For succulent activities, there is a term used for the succulent plants that are ‘less is more’. They survive for very long by using very little potential. So when we will water our succulents it will be in our mind that ‘less is more’. Little water is far enough for the succulents.

indoor succulents

In the summer season, the weather is hot. And evaporation is very common at this time. Succulents transpire less as it holds the water in it characteristically. If we see the normal plants in summer they are watered apparently every day. Because they lose water due to excess heat. For this reason, they need water every day. But as succulents abide by the term less is more they need little water in summer also. They are watered every week or ten days. They go along with it.

Again in winter, they need more little water. In the winter season, the owner follows a watering schedule of one month gap. That means succulents are watered after every one month in the winter season. They go along with it.

Frequent watering is a threat to the succulents as it can not stand excess water. So it should be kept in mind that succulents do not get angry if they are less cared for. Perhaps they enjoy this negligence of the owner.

Living media of succulents

The medium for succulent growth has to be very much pulverized. Not clots of clumps are allowed in the soil. Not to be compact at any instance. Pulverized soil ensures good root penetration in soil. As succulent plants grow roots so far, it is very important to use pulverized and well-tilted soil. Also, this type of soil ensures perfect drainage conditions. For succulents, a special mix in the soil may be included. By some commercial nursery holders, special mixes are added to the soil. This is for better growth and development of succulents.

Light preference

Placing the succulent pot on the window side is a good idea. If the plant is too delicate it won’t be a good idea to place it under direct sunlight. They need sunlight but if they are just baby plants they should be taken under the soft sun. For example, baby plants are shown to the morning sun which just arises and releases a soft light. But the strong sunlight will burn the delicate plant. Most succulents are kept under partial sunlight or in a shady corner of the house.

Temperature preference

Succulents are desert plants. So they can stand very extreme temperatures. At a very high temperature like 55-65 degrees, centigrade can be tolerable to the succulent plants. For this type of extreme temperature case, they store water inside them. So that they can keep cold and have water when needed. As the heat amount needed to heat the water is very high, that means the relative heat of water is very high so the succulents can keep themselves cool in excess temperature. In high heat, succulents can survive uncomplicatedly. But it is difficult for the succulents to stay in cold condition. They can not survive in freezing temperatures.

Under the freezing temperature, the water inside them gets frozen. Then the cell of the plants is burst because of extra pressure. And ultimately the plants die. So it should be taken care of in the winter to move the plants from the cold site to the warmer side of the house. So that the plant can keep warm and can perform the normal physiology of it. Otherwise, in winter the plant becomes very much vulnerable to weather. Adaptability is harder in this situation.

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