What You Need To Get the Best Out Of Your THC Vape Juice

Nowadays, there are many ways to consume weed. Three of the most common forms include smoking, vaping, and ingesting it.

Direct smoke brings significant effects on the health of the smoker. Primarily, it has been the most controversial and one of the main reasons cannabis is illegal.

The second method, ingesting, is where the user mixes cannabis powder or extract with food. Experts in this field conclude that the effects of ingesting it can be extreme, especially for new users.

Vaping is one of the safest ways, and arguably one of the reasons we see the legalization of the drug in various parts of the world recently.

Vape Juice

What is vaping?

Conventionally, users used to smoke weed or tobacco by heating the nicotine or cannabis directly. Medical practitioners termed it as unsafe because the raw smoke was a cancer carrier. With time, new technology came into place, which is what we call vaping.

In reality, vaping involves consuming cannabis or the nicotine; however, you will be exhaling vapor, not smoke. E cigars, vape pens, and vaporizers are the tools used to convert the aerosol into vapor.

To the vaping community, you have to be specific when you mention the word vaping. In this article, you will learn about some of the requirements you require to make your THC vape juice taste and smell better.

Is THC vape Juice different from smoking raw weed?

That would be a “Yes.” Cannabis has two essential chemical components, THC and CBD. THC is the chemical substance capable of inducing the high effect on an individual. CBD, on the other hand, carries healing properties and decreases the “high” impact that THC produces.

For that reason, you have to separate the two constituents so that you can experience a lasting high effect.  It is also essential because the THC is at its full potential; hence, a better result than when you are consuming it raw.

You can find THC in the form of extracts; in essence, wax, BHO, hash, shatter, and many other types. The process of separating THC and CBD can be complicated. That is why people choose the best cannabis pipe from various retailers and pharmacies.

Additionally, when you bring in the vape juice terminology into the picture, then several benefits come into place. Some of them include:

  • You can prepare it at home
  • No smoke is produced when inhaling
  • You can use the vape juice for a longer time when compared to smoking a joint
  • It is possible to measure how much puffs can get you high since you can store the e juice for a longer time than when you have to smoke it

Preparing THC vape juice is not that difficult. You may need several ingredients that will make the experience greater.

What are the key Ingredients to consider?

1. Vaporizers

They are e-cigarettes and vape pens. Vape pens can be portable or can come in substantial desktop versions (mostly referred to as vaporizers).

Vape pens contain a heater, a cartridge where you store the vape juice, and a battery. You will have to be alert when selecting the right pens. A low-quality one could lack a long-lasting battery or not be compatible with different cartridges.

Additionally, vape pens are suitable for people who would love to consume the THC alone and in public, while vaporizers are proper tools for a party or a group of people.

2. Terpenes

Terpenes are plant extracts that give plants their natural scents. Cannabis has its terpenes. Nevertheless, the quantity tends to differ with the plant’s growing conditions.

Therefore, because you would love to experience the best test and smell, it is best you look for an artificial terpene diluent that will bring out your preferred flavor. You can also use it to thicken your THC solution.

3. Liquidizers

In addition to terpenes, you could also use a liquidizer.

Liquidizers turn the extract into liquid. It also offers an essential component of the vape juice, and that is PG. PG promotes the development of thick vapor and is the product used in smoke machines. The fluid also bears fruits and herbs that keep the cannabis’ natural scent at bay.


Additional tips to help you get the best out of your THC vape juice:

  • Your primary goal is to avoid coming up with a thin, final product. Therefore, before using any liquidizer, take note of the appropriate measurements to add to your concentrate. Good THC vape juice should be thick; otherwise, you may never experience its excellent taste and effect.
  • Purchase all these products from a trusted retailer. However, understand the laws of your state, as they should have a significant impact on the price of the cannabis extracts, the liquidizers, and terpenes.
  • Some of the measuring tools you should have include syringes, or measuring cups and spoons. They come in handy when mixing up all the ingredients used to make THC.
  • Purchase enough cartridges to interchange. THC constituents can stick on its side, which could alter the desired taste.

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