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Some people are very fond of eating and drinking. For such people, when it comes to travel, it starts thinking about the Tasty Recipes there. The people who eat food, they go to different countries and test the food there. If you also have such travels, today we will tell you about the world’s most famous food festival, where you can test different types of food. By joining these food festivals, you can double the trip fun by enjoying new dishes. So let’s know about the world’s most famous food festival.

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1. New Zealand, Wild Food Festival

People come from far and away to join this food festival in New Zealand’s South Iceland in the month of March. You will never have thought about the things found in this food festival. To eat in this paste, only non-veg is available.

2. Switzerland, The Onion Market

‘The Anion Market’ Folk Festival is considered the biggest festival of the Capital Calendar in Switzerland. Although this festival starts at 6 a.m., but people start enjoying it long enough.

3. Quito, Salon du Chocolat

This festival is perfect for those who like to eat chocolate. At this festival, you can eat as much chocolate as you want to win. The festival, which is celebrated in June, also features a Chocolate Sculpture Competition, in which people have to make chocolate sculptures.

4.Tobago, Blue Food Festival

This festival was started in the Caribbean island of Tobago 18 years ago. In this festival, the specialties made in the south are of special importance. At this festival, stalls of live music, dance and wine shops are also added as well as food.

5. Italy, Pizza Fest

About five million tourists visit Italy to participate in Pizza Fest The langar caircholo area of ?? Naples of Italy is turned into Pizza Village during this festival. At least 1 million pizzas are made in this festival.

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