All you Need to Know About Home Staging

Let’s face it, one of the golden rules when selling something is to present the asset in it’s very best light; wax the car before taking those listing shots and giving that laptop a thorough clean before selling it. One can actually take this a stage further by decorating and furnishing a property you wish to sell, a new and booming sector of the real estate market called ‘home staging’ and in this article, we will give you the rundown of the art of staging a property.

Home Staging

Define the scope of the project

It could be anything from a coat of paint to a complete interior furnishing and décor and everything in between. The best way to approach home staging is decide on a budget that you are prepared to invest in making the house look more attractive to the potential buyer. Once you have a figure in mind, the home stager would show you a few examples of what could be done; you might prefer to stick to the exterior, as the interior already looks a million dollars.


The staging expert might make some recommendations, such as removing that old timber decking and replacing it with Amber Tiles concrete pavers, or refitting the kitchen. Every property has its good and bad points and by focusing on what stands out in terms of shabbiness or unsuitability, you can really transform a dull house. The stager would have a huge warehouse full of quality furniture and features like water fountains and with your budget in mind, they would put together a proposal, and most sellers simply add the staging cost to the price of the property.

Looking for a quick sale

If you have found your dream home and everything hinges on you selling, this can be very stressful, indeed, you could lose out completely if you can’t find a buyer and in situations like this, hiring a home staging expert is a great solution. In some cases, the buyer asks if the furniture can be included in the deal and this is always possible, in fact, the staging company buys used furniture at large auctions and would be happy to sell rather than hire the items. Here are a few tips for finding the best real estate agent, which might prove to be invaluable.

Unlocking the potential

When you stage property, the potential buyer can see a fine example of what can be done with the residence, which might unlock their creativity and this could lead to an immediate offer. Home staging opens your eyes to the potential a property has and such is the popularity, home staging businesses can be found in most parts of Australia and a Google search will put you in touch with a leading provider.

Those who run home staging businesses usually have a background in interior design and apply their skills to making the client’s home look gorgeous, besides, you have nothing to lose by consulting with the specialist about improving your home prior to listing it for sale.


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