Top 7 Pre-exercise Foods that Builds Strength

In this era, where people take exercising extremely serious but in various instances, heading to the gym on an empty stomach either since they have submitted to the concept that one shouldn’t eat Pre-exercise Foods or merely for the reason that they have no idea what to eat. It is vital to trail a middle lane i.e. eating right at the right time.

Muddled??? What to eat before striking the gym? Professionals state the best foodstuffs.

Health professional clarifies, “Exercising with a full stomach is not ideal therefore eating at the right time is important. Even an empty stomach can distract a person during workout. The major source of fuel for the body is carbohydrate, therefore, it is ideal to have something rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, one must have easily digestible carbohydrates that can help prevent hunger during exercise and give you energy.”

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Listed below are foods that are well-thought-out ideal to eat before a workout:



Oatmeal is excellent before morning exercises, running on an empty stomach is not recommended and so is having a meal a couple of hours before your workout. Oatmeal is recognized to resolve fine and also an inordinate source of energy.

Brown Rice with Chicken


Generally people work out in the mornings before going to college or work, but for the minority of the folks who visit the gym in the evenings or at night due to time restraints. For them, having brown rice with chicken is a good option. Nutritionist clarifies, “Brown rice is absorbed gradually and a respectable source of fiber and carbs while the chicken is an ideal form of lean meat and protein. So it can be the best choice of the meal before exercise. The requirement of about 200 to 300 calories is, therefore, can be fulfilled by one medium size bowl of brown rice (30 gm. uncooked brown rice) with two pieces of chicken.”

Protein Shakes


Shakes are very common between those who are habitual exercisers. An expert state, “Protein is tremendously significant for broad expansion of the muscles, bones and even skin. A protein shake is good if one doesn’t receive a satisfactory quantity from natural sources. For athletes and people doing consistent exercises, it is acceptable to have a protein shake after a workout, but not each couple of hours.” She warns that protein shakes can have side effects such as kidney damage. Therefore, one must consult the doctor to know the recommended daily dose of protein intake.



Have sugar and starch that provide energy to the body. They are opulent in starches. One medium-sized banana is eaten about 45 minutes to an hour before your training is normally sufficient to cling on to the exercises throughout the workout. Bananas are like the addition of fuel to the body. But important to understand one’s body and accommodate to individual body requirements.

Peanut Butter Sandwich with Honey


Yes, a sandwich But it is significant to select for whole wheat or multigrain bread for the sandwich and a whole wheat bagel as a substitute. Honey is an outstanding source of natural sugar i.e. energy. The calorie concerns are addressed by professionals enlightening, have a brown bread peanut butter sandwich while working out in the morning since you have been abstaining for the last eight to nine hours.”

Energy/Granola Bars


Eating a pre-exercise bar means you’ll have more reserves during a workout. “Energy bars usually have carbs, which is what gives energy to the body. However, make sure your energy/granola bar has a minimum amount of fat, proteins, and fiber,” says Sameer.



Yogurt has calcium and proteins and a bit of natural sugar existent in small amounts. Since it is relaxed on the stomach and the digestive system, it’s a countless choice to ingest it before a powerful workout. Addition of various whole grain cereal, fruits or honey to Yogurt will give a rapid energy enhancement.

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