5 Extras Every Summer Event Needs

Why try and do things the same old way every summer event? When it comes to sun, fun, and celebrations, it’s hard to go wrong with food, games, and fun, so why not try something new?

Getting creative with some of our favorite extras is sure to up the wow-factor when it comes to summer events with our favorite extras!

Let’s get started!

Extras Every Summer Event Needs

1. Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are an excellent way to provide a family-friendly activity for guests to enjoy throughout the day. Options like cornhole, croquet, and frisbee are easy to pick up and can help keep the good times rolling.

It’s also a great way to ensure everyone can get involved. Event planning tools can also make a game out of location: parties can organize scavenger hunts that send participants off into the wild to look for clues.

If outdoor space allows, larger outdoor games like giant Jenga or a giant Connect Four board can offer a dynamic to the event.

2. Bringing in a Karaoke machine

Setting up a karaoke machine adds an extra level of fun to the festivities, no matter the size or type of gathering you’re hosting. Not only does it encourage guests to socialize, but it also keeps them engaged for longer by providing an alternative form of entertainment.

With the right selection of songs and a few props, you can create a memorable summer night that everyone can enjoy—singing their hearts out with friends and family at a summer event.

3. Refreshment Stand Essentials

Every summer event needs a refreshment stand to provide attendees with food and drinks. The refreshment stand can provide essential items like popcorn or cotton candy and cold drinks like lemonade.

A unique food item like a hot dog or hamburger stand can be made to make a stand lively. A variety of snacks, from chips and candy to pretzels or ice cream. Inquire information on ice cream carts so you can provide something cold for everyone.

4. Props for Festive Photos

With props such as masks, hats, sunglasses, and slogan boards, the party goers can have a blast interacting with each other with pictures to remember forever.

The props can also help capture any summer vibes and make for the perfect photo op for any anniversary, birthday party, or wedding. The props will definitely be the hit of summer to elevate the atmosphere and make any event one to remember.

5. Themed Photobooth

A photobooth allows guests to take personalized and unforgettable photos of themselves and their friends that will live on for years to come. Themed photobooths, in particular, can be a real hit with guests.

Imagine a beach-themed photo booth, where beach balls and sunglasses are provided so guests can get creative in their photos. For a more romantic event planning, rose petals could be scattered around the photobooth, and guests can dress up as if they’re in a fairytale.

For corporate event planning checklist or formal events, props in corporate colors or black and white could be on offer so guests can have fun while also looking the part.

Plan Your Summer Event Now

Every successful summer event needs the right extras. Refreshment and stand, outdoor games, karaoke, props for festive photos, and themed photobooth will ensure that planning an event is a hit!

Don’t forget to come up with creative ways to engage guests to maximize their experience. Make events this summer the best yet – plan early and be prepared!

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