Health Benefits of Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper, also known as guinea or bird pepper, is a hot chili pepper, known since a long time for its healing properties. It is red in color and used for flavoring food dishes as well as medicinal purposes. The heat and/or medicinal property of cayenne pepper is due to the presence of a chemical compound, called capsaicin. The most commonly cultivated variety of cayenne is Capsicum annum. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of cayenne pepper.

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Cayenne pepper health benefits

Cayenne Pepper: Health Benefits

Cayenne pepper is of high nutritional value, as it contains vitamin A, B complexes and vitamin C. It is also a rich source of carotenoids, organic calcium, and potassium. Many people who specialize in herbal medicines claim that cayenne pepper improves the heart health, digestive system and also, the circulatory system. According to them, cayenne pepper is the most valuable herb known to date.

Cayenne pepper has been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. It is mentioned in many of the folklores as a therapeutic herb for curing a number of health complications. Recent clinical studies have proved the healing properties of cayenne pepper. For instance, according to the study conducted by Italian doctors, it was observed that the use of cayenne pepper reduced dyspepsia symptoms for more than half of the patients.

The study was conducted in 30 dyspepsia patients that were divided into two groups; ‘the control group’ who are prescribed normal treatments and ‘the pepper group’ who were prescribed 2.5 gm of cayenne pepper per day (taken in three doses before each meal), in addition to their normal treatments. In the fifth week, the symptoms like nausea, fullness, pain and overall score were reduced to almost 60 percent for the red pepper group; whereas, this didn’t happen in the case of the control group.

Speaking about the digestive system, cayenne pepper plays a major role in repairing the worn-out tissues of the stomach and intestine. It aids in the absorption of the nutrients and elimination of wastes. It helps in creating a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid by the body, which in turn, enhances protein assimilation.

Cayenne pepper boosts the heart action and blood circulation. It has a unique property to enhance cardiovascular activity, thereby lowering the blood pressure. Hence, it is used as a natural stimulant or an energizer to overcome fatigue and stress. It is claimed that cayenne pepper can stop heart attack events and/or other medical emergencies. This miracle herb is also used as a pain-reliever and for the treatment of skin irritations and psoriasis.

Cayenne Pepper: Master Cleanse Recipe

The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemon Cleanse, is a popular drink consumed as a part of a dieting program. It was first introduced in 1941 by Stanley Boroughs, an American, who had explored many theories in alternative medicines. According to him, the Master Cleanse can be used for the treatment of any disease and disorder; it helps in body detoxification, weight loss, and treatment of ulcers. Normal healthy people can follow this diet plan for daily removal of toxins from various organs of the body.

Cayenne pepper is a core ingredient in the Master Cleanse recipe. For preparing this drink, take about 250 ml of pure water in a glass. Add two tablespoons of real maple syrup and a pinch (about 1/10th of a teaspoon) of cayenne pepper. Stir well and the Master Cleanse is ready to drink. The topic regarding many health benefits of Master Cleanse is controversial. Though many people claimed its advantages, some are of the opinion that the Master Cleanse has no health benefits, rather it operates as a placebo. Hence, it is up to the individual’s opinion whether to believe in a Master Cleanse diet or not.

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