Dos and don’ts for exercising during your periods

Menstrual phase is a phase where a woman has to deal with many issues related to the body. During this period, women’s body undergoes many internal and external changes. You will see that there are women who prefer exercising even during the periods. However, it is considered as a good habit, still, one need to aware of the dos and don’ts of the exercising during your periods. One can also get in touch with the best gynecologist in Chennai for better understanding.

There are few things listed down. Have a quick look which will easily help you in knowing what exactly should be done and should not.

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Do’s –

1. Be prepared for the pain-

As you are still heading for the continuation of the exercise, be well-prepared to experience the worst possible pain. In case, if it gets worse, have a talk with your gynecologist and plan the treatment accordingly.

2. Wear the appropriate clothes while working out-

It is not only the pain which keeps women away from exercising during their periods rather there is also a fear of moving around and experiencing the leakage on your workout clothes. To avoid this, make sure you change your tampon or pads frequently. Also wearing long tops and of extra layers may keep you away from the leakage tension.

3. Try doing gentle low-intensity exercises-

You can go for a simple walk or jogging which doesn’t require any physical efforts. This type of exercises will help you in avoiding stress.


1. Do not get dehydrated

There are many women who avoid drinking water just to decrease bloating. Staying hydrated always proves to be a beneficial one.

2. Do not overdo the exercises

At the end of the day, listen to your body. It is the most important thing. If you feel too many cramps to get you out of the bed because then it is time to stop exercising. Also, if you observe a heavy blood flow you need to immediately stop the workout.

3. Do not try out working on your abs and back muscles

Already your pelvic muscles are traumatized because of the blood flow. So don’t stress your muscles for extreme exercise.

Note that the regular exercise is helpful for your body and your mind too during your menstrual period. However, there is no such scientific reason for skipping your exercises. Though still, you need to take care of yourself and follow these dos and don’t to avoid any complications. You can always consult a good gynecologist for more deep information. As he/she will be the better person to tell exactly what is right and wrong to your body.

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