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It is a data innovation organization and is occupied with the turn of events and upkeep of, however not restricted to, advancements, programming, online applications, site, versatile applications, and systems administration applications. After the exploration, via virtual entertainment, we observed many individuals offering their encounters to the organization, which are neither so great nor so awful. Osmose Technology is a web-based business online store organization like Flipkart and Amazon.

According to our examination, Osmose innovation is by all accounts safe; however, there are serious issues that put it in a class of dubious. They are field specialists, proficient designers, wood researchers, and consumption specialists, utilizing over 80 years of mastery to distinguish and address underlying issues that sway your resource wellbeing, framework versatility, and assist you with meeting your obligation to give protected solid reasonable help. According to our examination, Osmose innovation is by all accounts safe.

Osmose Technology

However, there are serious issues that put it in a classification of dubious. Missing organization contact subtleties and fragmented proprietor data characterizes the riskiness of the site. Osmose Technology is a web-based business online store organization like Flipkart and Amazon. The parent organization of It is Mind skill Gaming Solution which is well known for the advancement of android games and web-based entertainment applications. It is creating gains in the two ways as referenced previously.

Specifications of Osmose technology


Name of the company

Osmose Technology | Osmose technology Pvt Ltd | Osmose techno | Osmose technology private limited

Started in


24 December 2019






Company Location

Office No. 4 D/E, S.No. 17/1 B P.No. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud Pune Pune Mh 411038

Real or Fake


Most of the people say it’s a scam








Osmose technology Facebook

How does the Osmose technology pay to the Affiliates?

This is a private limited company in India where the affiliates work through the shopping website of Osmose company. The terms have been registered all along the daily income to provide applications. Also, the process can get it on the work as it brings the revenue from the website. There are such measures which express that each osmose advertiser should work in level showcasing.

Any individual who needs additional pay in Osmose goes for level advertising. Osmose isn’t an MLM Scam or Fraud. It is only a subsidiary program that pays you according to your partner joining. According to its corporate distinguishing proof number, it is private consolidated with settled up capital of 10000 and enlisted address in Pune.

Affiliate program in Osmose Technology in level wise

  • You have to get the direct to each of 10 directs which pays you Rs.1 per day after joining Osmose technology.
  • Then, after creating the 10 directs the team will have to join to the directs.
  • After this step, directs would get through the recurring process on the joining to the team commission up to 7 levels.
  • Consequently, any new participation in 7 levels will include your day-to-day payout pay.

Sign up process for Osmose technology

  1. In the first place, you should join Osmose by making a record. Additionally, you can’t join Osmose straightforwardly you should have a Sponsor ID
  2. Participating in Osmose is free, yet to get everyday installment to your record, you should pay Osmose Affiliate Fees 33 $ by purchasing their E-Voucher at regular intervals. On the off chance that you can’t initiate your record through E-Voucher, go beneath to actuate your record straightforwardly.
  3. By purchasing their E-Voucher 32 $ credit focuses will be submitted to your Osmose shopping site, you can purchase anything with those 32 $ focuses in the time of multi-month according to their strategy. In the event that you can’t actuate your record through E-Voucher, go beneath to initiate your record straightforwardly.
  4. After this buy, you become an authority Osmose innovation private restricted in India Affiliate, and you will have 3 choices. Then, at that point, Upload Bank Details and do KYC.
  5. The minimum of bank account will get credited with about 0.45 $ per day.
  6. Regardless of whether don’t deal with level showcasing you will in any case be getting 0.45 $ every day.
  7. To produce additional pay from Osmose you can generate others to join and can have Rs. 1 every day per joining.
  8. The technology actually demands the applications to use them for generating the traffic for the ranking up of the factors.

Pros of Osmose technology

  • It has an online earning platform
  • You can also add members to earn money and then it has essential things to consider the items on the website.
  • Moreover, the website has active accounts and you can search whenever you want.

Shopping and the market from Osmose Technology

Purchasing a product from an e-commerce website will get to know them better company for the people which people pay to know the product value. Also, it brings the marketplace on the product to bring the vouchers on some free products.

It is based on the company that gives the product to get the service-based system. The branding website would bring the platform on big brands that are useful for the section which can get to know the type that is built on the shopping platform.

Cons of Osmose technology

  • People have to pay Rs. 1180 for becoming a member
  • Then they won’t provide any contact number and the website will ask for money for adding members.
  • There were bad reviews from various forums.


Even though there are bad reviews for the technology that comes from the people who make purchases from the private limited. The amount of company could bring the rest of the platforms on the technology. There are a lot of bad reviews about the private company and they say the money is been stolen from them and difficult to earn it back from the website. The real progress in this is being utilized and also brought to the people’s concern to make the reviews on the company that uses the person to use the actual fact.



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