Develop Physically, Mentally and Spiritually with Yoga

The mystical practice of Yoga has its origins in India and Nepal thousands of years ago and the art of forming specific poses and holding them for a period of time brings with it many benefits of the physical mental and spiritual kind. There are many different forms of yoga and you can find a lot of information on the Internet, which will give you a basic understanding of the ancient art called yoga.

Spiritually with Yoga

Virtual Yoga Classes

In order to beat Covid, all yoga studios now offer virtual classes, which is cheaper than a regular course and with a Zoom call, you can interact with the remotely located instructor. You can get to know the other participants and share your experiences, plus you can find many yoga videos on YouTube, all designed to help people practice this unique form of movement.

Changing your Lifestyle

Many people take this opportunity to radically change some aspects of their life; drinking fine teas from Feel Good Tea Co and using essential oils will help you to be in the right frame of mind, especially during these troubling times. Avoid watching the news, which is always negative, rather get some daily exercise and take on a healthy, balanced diet, which will promote well-being.


Most people who practice yoga also meditate and the two disciplines go together very well. Meditation is not about creating a mental blank, rather meditating is to focusing on a single thing, which might be your breathing rhythm. Being with oneself is very calming and certainly helps to eliminate stress and you can try numerous forms of meditation to find one that best suits you; some sit in a cross-legged lotus position, while others prefer to walk through a garden, and if laying down help, this is a popular way to de-stress. If you walk through the garden make sure you wear proper yoga shoes. To prepare for meditation, create a warm and inviting ambiance with dim light and a pleasant room temperature, which will put you in the right mood for some inner-self exploration.


If you learn about the basics of Buddhism, this would be an excellent foundation for practicing yoga; Buddhism is not a religion, rather it is a philosophy, a guide to living a happy life. It doesn’t matter what your religious convictions are, Buddhist thinking works and any person who actively seeks out the teachings of the Lord Buddha will be rewarded with new knowledge. If you are a mystic, clairvoyant type of person, you might find it very easy to understand Buddha’s teachings

Yoga Clothing and Accessories

Of course, you will need a decent, yoga mat from Pureful Yoga, with a cushion or two and make sure you order yoga tops and leggings, which are made from Lycra and have amazing stretch properties. Your yoga tops and leggings or shorts can be ordered from the online supplier and whether joining a virtual class or actually visiting the yoga studio, you are ready to experience this mystical eastern art.

Yoga has a lot going for it and it is a great way to develop yourself in a physical, mental and spiritual sense.

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