7 deliciously late-night snacks that you will love

Do you find yourself frequently burning the midnight oil? As calm and peaceful as the nights are, there is one thing that is super annoying about nights – the constant hunger. The rumbling stomach makes it very difficult to focus on the beauty of the night.

If we keep the hunger aside, nighttime is the best. There is nobody to disturb us, nobody to answer to. Just us and our own worlds. So are you looking for easy solutions to your late-night cravings?

Ironically, nighttime is the phase where you get the most intense cravings ever. You cannot stop thinking about food and the Instagram videos don’t help. So we go to the fridge and pick up the first snack we get. But that is not always the healthiest option.

Just to quench these small-time cravings, we end up consuming a lot of junk food. This is because a lot of thought has not been given to designing and making small and simple food. So they end up doing more harm to your body than they help.

But just a small change in mindset will help you find better and healthier alternatives. This will take care of your body in the long run as well. But we always associate healthy food with something that is not tasty. That is the biggest myth.

late night snacks

Thus this article tells you seven such delicious late-night snacks that are tasty.


It is extremely easy to make and is probably done in a minute. We understand that have plain bread and butter every night is not a very fascinating option. But that is where flavoured butter will jazz up your night.

For example, adding a layer of pistachio and almond butter. This will entirely change your sandwich game forever.


What is a late-night snack if not a really early morning breakfast? That is why pancakes are a good option. Who said that we could only have them in the morning?

Pancakes are easy to make, especially with the evolution of pancake mixes. Add some cream and hazelnut cocoa butter and you have an extremely healthy and filling meal.

Peanut butter

Are you one of those people who make rounds to the kitchen late at night to dig into the fridge? We see you and have a great option for you. If you are not in the mood to make anything at all at night, you can always dig into the natural peanut butter jar.

This is the healthiest alternative to late-night snacking.


In the mood for some flavourful bowl? Don’t worry we have your back here too with an idea. Oats are the most wholesome meal. Not only are they healthy but with a spoon of cream and juicy fruits, they are tasty as well.

Oats at night might not seem like a very appealing idea. But if you do it right with a pinch of butter and cream, it will turn out to be everything you’ve ever wanted on your plate.


Nothing quenches the soul like something sweet in the middle of the night. That is why always keep a pack of brownies to your rescue for the late-night cravings.

The sugar will give you the push you need to stay away and finish your assignments. Brownies are also very good hunger killers and keep your tummy full for longer hours.


There is nothing more beautiful in this world than small treats. And talking of small treats, cookies top that list. Take out that box of cookies and binge eat them all.

There is no better feeling than indulging in your guilty pleasure. So hog away into delight.


Imagine this. It is raining outside. You wake up and crave something sweet. You take out the waffles that you had kept hidden from your younger siblings, put some butter and cream on top. You layer it with your favourite topping. You sit by the window and eat it in peace while music plays in the background.

It is these little moments that life makes life meaningful. Food is what brightens up ou life. So don’t let go of these opportunities. Always satisfy your food cravings because life is too short to be just thinking of food and not eating them.

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