How Data Centre Solutions Can Help Your Company

With the continuous advancement in technology, companies must also change the way they do business. A big part of this is taking advantage of information technology. In today’s economy, a company cannot grow without increasing its resources, making all business processes more complex. With the increased complexity is the need to handle more data. It is exactly what IT companies like Macquarie Data Centres are for.

How Data Centre Solutions Can Help Your Company

Here are the many ways that data centres can take care of your technological needs so you can focus on your customer goals:

1. Flexibility in Scaling of Operations 

Most successful companies can scale up their operations as their business continues to grow or dictated by market trends. This is a more obvious reason to modernise your data centre. However, there are also instances where you would need to throttle down and reduce your activity level. This is especially useful during low seasons, where there is less demand for your product.

A responsive data centre can help you react when needed. It can lower your losses, optimise your profit, and allow you to allocate your resources more efficiently and grow your business regardless of prevailing market trends.

2. More Security

As the threat from cyberattacks continues to evolve, so must your capability to protect your company’s sensitive data. Reputable IT companies like Macquarie Data Centres can provide the highest security level using an access control that is extremely restrictive but is neither disruptive nor detrimental to your operation. They have a three-step authentication system, which includes biometric scanning. The entire facility is guarded 24 hours a day and seven days a week by well-placed CCTV cameras, which can be monitored from the reception. They have a high perimeter fence and a clearance of 20 metres from all sides to ensure an unobstructed view of their boundaries. With beefed-up security at the loading docks and car-trap at the gate, this makes for an impenetrable facility capable of securing your company’s most sensitive information from both virtual and physical intruders.

3. 100% Uptime 

System downtime caused by power interruptions or broadband issues can impact your operation significantly. Power losses that last for a small fraction of a second could cause anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours of unavailability for your IT equipment. If it results in a loss of data, it would be hard for your company to recover, much less operate with confidence.

Data Centres have facilities built to collect vast amounts of data for your company and keep them secure without fail. By installing redundant power and environmental control systems, they can significantly increase the security and productivity of all critical business processes.

4. Streamlined Operations

Modern data centres can eliminate the need for many maintenance and administrative activities, making your operation more productive. It significantly reduces the amount of hardware you have to maintain on-site and all the hassles that go with them. With the freedom to focus more on the applications themselves, people would be able to do more, like coming up with the next big thing to give your company breakthrough results.

With the many ways that your business can benefit, investing in data centre solutions makes perfect sense.

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