7 Uses of Neem Will Keep You Away From Many Diseases

Neem is considered a miraculous tree. There is a saying in India that how can there be death and disease on the land on which there are neem trees? In the taste, bitter neem is considered very sweet due to its medicinal properties. Neem is very beneficial for our body. It is only used in the diagnosis of diseases, it is also an important part of cosmetics. Different parts of neem tree like leaves, barks, fruits, oils etc. help to cure our life. Neem has so many properties that it works in the treatment of many diseases. Neem has properties to fight diabetes, bacteria, and viruses. Neem stems, root, bark and raw fruits also have strengths and strengths to combat diseases. Its bark is particularly useful in malaria and skin related diseases. The properties of bacteria present in its leaves help in the removal of acne, blisters, scabies, eczema etc.  Read the 7 Uses of Neem below:

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1. Neem for burns 


Grinding neem oil or leaves in the burnt place gives relief. Neem leaves and oil have antiseptic properties. So do not fear tetanus by applying neem oil at the cut area. Apart from this, if you want to avoid the problem of boils and pimples, then grind the neem leaves, bark and fruits with equal amounts, now apply this paste on the skin. With this, the abscesses and wounds are cured quickly. Wash the neem leaves in water and after cooling them, the mouths are removed by washing it with water.

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