Cooking With CBD: the Best 7 Rules to Follow Now!

CBD, a cannabis plant extract, has been gaining popularity rapidly among the population. Since the research on the advantages of CBD started rolling in, it is widely being used for reasons such as relieving pain, combatting stress, and keeping your mind calm without giving you the well-known high of the cannabis plant.

The CBD industry is growing and changing fast and the product is now available in many forms—from powder to capsules to oils. It’s also becoming popular in pet items.

If you want to start cooking with CBD, you’ll find the best seven rules to follow in this article and the foods with which you can use CBD.

Cooking With CBD

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid extract from the cannabis plant. Even though it’s from cannabis, it doesn’t have the intoxicating effects you can get when you smoke cannabis.

You will often find it mixed in carrier oils like hemp seed oil and over-the-counter coconut oil.

How Does It Work?

CBD is a fat-soluble compound, so you can easily infuse it into your butter and the cooking oil you use regularly. An excellent way to incorporate CBD in regulated amounts is by using CBD oil.

Although CBD doesn’t have intoxicating effects, consuming it daily has therapeutic properties that will help to calm you down, relieve stress, help you with any pain, and improve your sleep.

The 7 Golden Rules to Follow

Now that you know what CBD is and how it works, here are some golden rules that you should follow if you want to cook with CBD.

1. Use a High-quality CBD

With a product like this, the first thing that you should consider is using high-quality CBD. After careful research, high-quality CBD is made under controlled conditions, so it’ll be free from any contamination.

If you’re just starting and want to test it out first, try testing out a bottle of 500mg cannabidiol or some CBD isolate.

2. Add Healthy Fats to Your Dishes

Since CBD is oil-soluble, you should include healthy fat in your diet. This will ensure maximum absorption of CBD in your body, and you’ll enjoy its effects properly.

Some healthy fats to have CBD with are avocado, fish rich in omega fatty acids, natural clarified butter, avocado oil, and olive oil.

However, you should do some research beforehand to see if any of the fats you will use will react poorly to the CBD.

3. Be Careful of Heat

When cooking with CBD, ensure that you’re not using high heat. CBD oxidizes in high heat and becomes bitter. The optimum temperature is 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius), so a good rule is to keep it under this level.

A tip to follow if you want to cook with CBD is to cook dishes that require low heat. You will retain both the effects of CBD and the taste of your food.

4. Be Patient with the Effects

Since CBD is a non-intoxicating compound, you won’t be able to feel its effects right away. However, after a few days of consuming it, you will start seeing the benefits of CBD clearly. You will be calm and collected, your sleep will improve a lot, and it will decrease any pain you have.

5. Be Mindful of What You Consume with CBD

Not everything reacts well with CBD. If you’re under medication, consult your doctor about whether or not you should take CBD. Be careful while mixing it with any alcohol or smoothie. Also, don’t drive if you have CBD with alcohol.

You should also ask your doctor about the dosage, as everyone handles CBD differently depending on their body type and health conditions.

A tip: Before you serve food cooked with CBD to your guests, give them a heads up about it and let them know what amount you have used in the food.

6. Don’t Waste Your Pricey Potion on Cooking

Good quality CBD can get pretty pricey, in a powdered form or a solution. So it’s wise to use this costly element in your cooking sparingly.

You can always use CBD in your cooking in the form of oil or butter. That will help you give the effects without breaking the bank.

7. Don’t Waste Money on Overpriced Products

Because CBD can alter itself at temperatures higher than 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celcius), it can ruin your fine-dining experience in a snap.

It’s better to keep CBD separate from expensive food items and ingredients. You should always experience expensive ingredients as they are.

Enjoy your potions of CBD in your regular food. That will be enough to give you the effect you desire, and it will also elevate the taste of your food.

What Foods Work Best with CBD Oil?

If you’re new to CBD, a good start is by using it in food or condiments that don’t need cooking. You can also incorporate them into your smoothies and brownies.

Below are some food, condiments, and beverages in which you can use your CBD.


Do you like having guacamole on toast or as a dip for your nachos? Then try incorporating CBD in your guacamole!

Here’s how you can make your guacamole with CBD:

  • Mash a ripe avocado.
  • Add some finely chopped onions.
  • Add finely diced tomatoes if you want.
  • Add lime juice.
  • Add your CBD.

If you like heat in your guacamole, add some chili pepper for that extra kick!



Salsa is an excellent side to have with your nachos and tortillas. Here’s how you can make it and incorporate some CBD:

  • Add tomatoes, red onions, garlic, chili of your choice, coriander, and olive oil to a food processor.
  • Pulse everything until all are finely chopped up and chunky.
  • Squeeze some lime juice, sprinkle some salt, and add a small amount of CBD.
  • Mix it all up and enjoy!

You can also make salsa verde with this recipe. Just add avocado and mix it until it reaches the consistency of a thick liquid.

Salad Dressing

Salad dressing contains fat and is a nice way to add some richness and flavor and elevate it very nicely. There are three types of dressings that you can make: vinaigrette, creamy dressings, and cooked dressings. Wondering how you can add CBD to them? Let’s have a look!


  • Add vinegar of your choice with extra virgin olive oil and CBD.
  • Add herbs like basil, coriander or thyme, salt, pepper, and cumin powder.
  • Blend them all up until emulsified!

Creamy Italian Dressing:

  • Add vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, herbs, mayonnaise, finely minced garlic, finely grated Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and CBD to a mason jar.
  • Shake them vigorously until everything is well combined and creamy!
  • Add some water if it’s too thick.

Pasta Sauce

What’s pasta without a bright, lovely pasta sauce? Be it tomato-based sauce or pesto, pasta sauces contain a good amount of healthy fat. Next time, try incorporating some CBD. It will amp up the goodness of the already delicious meal!

Compound Butter

Have you tried making compound butter? It’s easy and very delicious! You can use it on steak or enjoy it on your toast. Here’s how you can make it:

  • Bring a stick of butter down to room temperature in a bowl.
  • Add mashed-up roasted garlic and CBD.
  • Mix them all up until well-combined.
  • Lay it flat on a cling film, wrap it up, form a log, and store it in the refrigerator to set.


Have you been thinking of trying hash brownies but don’t want to experience the extreme high? Try adding CBD to it! While making the brownie batter, mix CBD, and bake it to perfection.


Who doesn’t love smoothies? Well, I do! Smoothies are the way to go to enjoy CBD safely in a drink.

If you’re thinking “If CBD is fat-soluble, how can I get its effects properly in a smoothie?” Try using water-soluble CBD to ensure it absorbs well in your body.

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

Overnight chia seed pudding is a favorite of health-freaks as it has a good amount of healthy fats and keeps the guts healthy.

You can make it by shaking chia seed, milk, and CBD in a mason jar until well combined. Store it in the refrigerator overnight, and enjoy it the next day!


Cannabidiol is an easy compound to use in your food. Regular consumption can have positive effects. You’ll have a calm mind, and pains like headaches will reduce quite a bit.

However, before you take CBD in any form, consult your doctor about the dosage you should take daily and what food and medicines you should avoid with CBD.

With proper knowledge and a little caution, we hope you’ll enjoy CBD to its fullest!

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