Factors to Consider When Investing in a Commercial Laundry Business

When investing in any type of business, it is important to do a lot of research and consider your options. Many entrepreneurs have successfully bought laundry businesses and made them profitable. Determining value is essential to ensure you can make things work and there are many factors to consider when investing. Here are the main elements of a commercial laundrette that must be studied.

Commercial Laundry Business


Without a doubt, the equipment you use in a laundry shop is going to make or break your investment. Poor quality equipment needs constant repair and maintenance, whereas good quality brands like Electrolux’s industrial washing machines ensure longevity and first-class results.

If you are thinking about buying a store, you do not want a place that has outdated equipment and fixtures. If you do need to replace the equipment, you must factor this expense into your decision. It is always better to find a business that has high-tech, functional equipment that is ready to use.

A laundry shop relies heavily on good equipment, if an industrial or commercial washing does not produce excellent results, the cost of repairs or replacements can be substantial. When starting a small business, have a look at all the equipment in the building to see what condition it is in. A successful laundry business should have:

  • Industrial Washers
  • Dryers
  • Pressing Machines
  • Steamers & Steam Boilers

Sophisticated laundry equipment ensures you provide your clients with quality services.

Sensible Investment

Investing in a laundry business is a sensible move if you have the capital to do so. Unlike many other businesses, this industry is less risky as laundries tend to last longer. Even self-service coin laundries are still around and flourishing. The technology is easy to adapt as owners can incorporate card paying systems that control the machines. Laundries are always in demand and the only thing that changes are the equipment.

When thinking about an investment, it makes sense to consider the longevity of the business. Launderettes are great as they only require an initial investment, and it is easy to recoup the money. Also, they require little repair or maintenance when stocked with good machines.


When you have found a good location and you are seriously considering an investment, the next step is to focus on marketing the service. If you think the business shows a lot of potentials and it just needs to be promoted, you must look for ways to market the company and build a client base.

Have a look at the neighbourhood and decide whether you want to go after commercial businesses such as hotels and restaurants or households. If you can secure a big contract with a local hotel or restaurant chain, your business will flourish.

Before you invest in a laundry business, you must think about the pros and cons of your investment. There are plenty of important factors to consider such as the state of the current equipment and whether you need to purchase good quality replacements. Many elements impact the value of a laundry company.

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