How to Choose the Perfect Eyelash Extensions for Your Face?

Would you like to try classic eyelash extensions or other type of extensions but don’t know what to choose?

Today we’re going to help you and tell you how to choose the best option for your eyes.

What Eyelash Extensions Will Suit Me?

It’s an individual process: an optimal type of extension is always chosen in accordance with a client’s facial features.

Lashmakers usually take into consideration:

  • The size of the eyes (they can be small, big, or medium. In accordance with their size, a lash stylist will make a certain lash line, that suits you best);
  • Type (wide-, close-, or deep set eyes);
  • Form (almond, round, upturned, or downturned eyes);
  • Lid type (hooded, normal, or monolid)
  • Type of natural eyelashes (short or long, curl, colour).

Eyelash Extensions

How to Choose the Curl Size and Length?

Of course, besides the anatomical features, lash stylists also listen to the wishes of clients: you can choose any length, thickness, color and curl.

  • Let’s start with length: it can be very short (6-8 mm), medium (9-12) and long (13-15 mm). If you prefer classic eyelash extensions, then the extensions must be 3-5 mm longer than your natural eyelashes.
  • Curl: can be maximally natural (B), beautifully rounded that suits most clients (C), with a strong bend (D). In the latter case, the ends of the lashes are bent so hard that they look straight up.
  • Thickness: from 0.07 – 0.10 and up to 0.25 – 0.30 mm. It is better to choose thickness close to your natural one.
  • Volume: fans of natural effect prefer classics. In this case, lashmakers use the ratio 1:1 (1 artificial to 1 natural eyelash). For a volume extension this ratio is 1:3 or more.
  • Color: if you have naturally very light eyelashes, it is better not to opt for a coal-black extensions. Choose the colours which suits you best.

In addition, the materials that were used by a lash technician during the beauty-procedure are of great importance.

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