Carpet Cleaning Tips

Some people may think that carpet cleaning is such a difficult task that it’s best to give it up even before you start and take your carpets to a professional cleaner. While in some cases it might be true, most of the time DIY carpet cleaning is perfectly feasible, if you have the right knowledge and the patience to do it. This article is going to uncover a few of the secrets that make carpet cleaning easy.

carpet cleaning tips

Choose the Proper Equipment

If you want DIY carpet cleaning, but you fancy using the power of steam to do it, it’s best to rent a steam cleaning machine. Such machines are usually much more powerful than household steamers, therefore they will provide an in-depth, thorough cleaning of the carpet fibers that less powerful steamers can’t.

When choosing the cleaning machines, take into consideration that your carpets should be able to dry in maximum 12 hours after cleaning. Prolonged dampness may lead to mold and bacteria growth, thus creating a big problem for you and the other members of your family.

Don’t Use Too Much Cleaning Solution

If you don’t believe in the power of steam and you wish to go for more classical cleaning solutions, you should be very careful not to exaggerate with the amount of detergent you use. Detergents are very hard to rinse away from the carpets, therefore fibers will get clogged and sticky, thus making dirt attach to them much faster in the future.

Take Your Time To Do It Right

If you use a carpet cleaning machine, never hurry through a cleaning. If you don’t take enough time to do it properly, soap residues and a lot of water will remain on the carpet.

Always vacuum thoroughly before using a cleaning machine. This will allow you to remove large particles of soil or other debris, so they won’t get stuck to carpet fibers when you’re going to use the steamer. After you finish the cleaning and your carpet is dry, vacuum it again. This will remove all remaining dirt from it, leaving you with a nice and clean surface, ready to welcome your bare feet.

For best results, you should pre-treat stained or extremely dirty areas with a solution of detergent and water. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before starting the cleaning. In case of really stubborn stains, you may need to use a stain removal solution. Beware not to use too much of it, because such solutions are usually harsh and their vapors may give you unpleasant symptoms if you inhale them for a long time.

Last but not least, you should always keep in mind that prevention is your best friend. If you get a stain, attempt to remove it immediately before it dries. Waterworks on most fresh stains. For best results, you can prepare a solution of water and vinegar and pat it onto the stain, then gently rub it off. If it doesn’t work, try commercial detergents.

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