8 Best Protein Powder For Kids To Take

When you are thinking of giving your child the best of nutrition and proteins in the growing up years then the powder products cannot be missed. There are many who think that when one is talking about protein powder it is for the gym goers who are looking to build muscle mass. It is not entirely true, you must realize that in most situation your kids require this additional protein intake for overall healthy development. Now when you have read this there must be thousands of questions running through your mind. Whether it is safe? What about any known side effects? And where to get it from? Well, hold your horses this article aims at providing you suitable information on all this along with the Best protein powder for kids to take.

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Why is protein required for the kids?


Before we directly jump into the products let’s just explore why protein is needed for the kids. It triggers the growth process and lets the kids develop strong and healthy muscles. Now not all protein types would get the same results especially in case of the kids. According to Daniel DeMoss, One should look for high-protein and low-calorie protein powder when you are giving it to the little one. Out of the many types of protein powders the kids should ideally consume whey water-soluble protein which can be taken with milk. This one has amino acids which can fill the dietary requirements of the kids.

Is it safe?

In most cases, the kids get their daily requirement of proteins as a part of their daily diet which contains fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. But honestly, think about it how many of us mothers are actually able to feed our high on energy choosy kids with all what we have planned. If you fall into this category then the protein powder is a safe bet as it provides the kids with the required nutrients. But if the kid is eating healthy and does not throw food tantrums then you can avoid giving them extra protein as it might lead to adverse effects on their body.

Top protein products kids can consume

When you are looking for the right product for the kids you have to be carefully. Here is a list of careful selected protein powders which are safe for consumption and are beneficial as well.

  1. ProJYM: This one is a highly suitable product for kids as it is easy to digest. It contains whey protein isolates, micellar caseins, mil protein isolated and egg white. It has the highest amount of kid’s friendly protein and the product is a mark of quality. When the kids consume one scoop then they get 24 grams of best quality protein. The intake depends on the age of the kids and body requirements.
  2. 100% Casein Protein Powder: As the name suggests this one has the highest quality Micellar casein in the creation of the protein powder. There are a lot of flavors that are available with this powder which include chocolate cake butter, creamy vanilla, banana cream, chocolate supreme, etc. The buyers must check the netmeds offers and can purchase these powders flavors in bulk. It is considered one of the best choices for kids as it contains a low proportion of fat and sugar. It has an appropriate amount of carbohydrates.
  3. 100% Whey Gold standard:   As stated kids should ideally take whey protein and this product contains just that. Appropriate for the kids as it helps in the muscle building process and regeneration process. It is suitable for kids as they are engaged in a high amount of physical activity. Also, the powder has a low amount of lactose, fat, and carbohydrates.
  4. Combat Powder: This one has a lot of protein blended in it which maximizes the muscle growth for the kids. The manufacturer has kept in mind what is required for the kids and included all the elements in this powder. The powder can be added to milk to make a delicious shake which is easy to digest and tasty. The kids will enjoy the flavor available in this one.
  5. Protinex: One of the most trusted protein brand by adults offer the same powder for kids. There are a lot of flavors which are available with this one which the kids love. There is vanilla, chocolate etc available which can be added to milk and consumed. The powder contains vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber elements making it a complete product in it. It is suitable for young kids who have started eating food items.
  6. COR-performance whey: Kids, as we all know, gets involved in a lot of physical activities. This protein powder helps them develop new muscles so that they maintain a healthy body. It also replenishes the lost vital nutrients after a physical activity. These products have gone ahead with pleasing the kids and have introduced a desert-inspired flavor which the kids just cherish.
  7. SYNTHA-6: This protein powder is made of healthy fibers and fats which are needed by the kids especially in their growth years. The flavor it provides is something that the kids like and that is why it is easy to pass it as the part of the meal. Apart from the protein it also has essential amino acids, fiber, peptides and glutamine which are required by the kid’s body. There is also micellar protein which helps in the muscle building and development process.
  8. RSP Whey: This one is scientifically developed and works wonders for the muscle development in the kids. The kid’s recovery of the muscles which is lost due to physical exercise is made done by the intake of the protein powder.  Since it is developed with precision there is a low amount of carbs and fat in the powder. Just to ensure that the product is pure and highly soluble there is a process of ultrafiltration which is followed.

If you have any specific queries then you must consult an expert who will provide you the right guidance. Do not get overwhelmed and start a protein diet for the kid if you are not sure. There are all additional supplements for your support.

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