10 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

All the beer aficionados you know must have an idea about the different types of beer and breweries and most of them must have told you about their favorite ones too. But there is a never-ending desire to explore more of it. So, here is a list of all the gifts made especially for all the beer aficionados, from beginners who consume ales to brewing experts.  You can choose any item from the below mentioned awesome gift ideas.

best beer gifts

1. The Beer Bible

Beer is the most popular and favorite drink that has been consumed by people all over the world for so many centuries.  Every beer that has been produced has a very rich history associated with it. The beer Bible is one of its kind as to its actually a very informative and entertaining gift for the beer lovers all across the globe.  While reading it, the giftee will feel as if he/she is on a beer journey, and will definitely get impressed by your choice of gift.

2. USA Beer Cap Map

It is simply the best gift for the one who loves to travel and try the best selling/ local beer at different locations. All you have to do is to collect the different beer bottle caps and place them into 70 different holes of this unique wall art decor. This might also help in keeping track of different drinks a person has ever tried and tasted.

3. Beer Chiller Stick

Swallowing warm beer, is it even an option? I don’t think anyone likes it. Everyone likes it cold, but when it’s opened, it loses all the coolness. But with the help of this portable chiller stick, you can stay relaxed as it is going to keep your drink chilled until the last sip, just the way it was when you opened it in the first place. All you need to do is to put the stainless steel stick in the freezer for an hour or so, before popping it in your beer.

4. Bottle Loft

You must have heard your friend cribbing about going out of space for the beer bottles he has, isn’t it true? So why not gift him this bottle loft so that he no longer has to worry about making space for the bottles. With this magnetic bottle hanger, anyone can hang the drinks from the top of their refrigerator. They are really strong magnets and can hold up to 6 bottles as they are available in a pack of two. Choose it, hand it over and make your friend’s life easier.

5. Mini keg

Kegs were designed in order to help people in keeping the beer fresh and carbonated for a longer period of time. The amount of drink you can carry depends on the size of the mini keg. It can accommodate 32 to 64 ounces of beer and you can serve it where ever you want and it gives a pub-like feeling as well. In addition to this, it looks elegant too.

6. Mini Beer Pong

Beer pong is the most loved game for beer lovers. This mini version comes in handy with two built-in launchers, two tied balls, and 50 cups which can be reused. This plastic board is portable and can be folded and carried easily in some backpack. It is designed in such a way that it’s spill-free, which is a total relief.

7. Beer Holder

If you know someone who likes watching TV with a beer in one hand, then this is exactly the one for them. BPA-free silicone is used in making CouchCoaster, which is rather very flexible and easy to use. You just need to wrap it around the armrest of a sofa and then you can easily put either of your mugs, cans, glasses, or bottles (cold/hot).

Bonus: It can be wrapped around any of the armrests easily. It comes with fits all facility. 

8. Homebrewing Kit

The concept of brewing at home is not easy. But once in a lifetime, everyone must do it and there are some beer lovers who might have a desire to brew some beer at home. It can be done for many possible reasons such as for entertainment or for getting information about the whole brewing process.  It is a time consuming or can be a daunting task, but it can be worth it.

9. Save Brands Beer Savers

So, it always happens when you open your beer bottle, sall the freshness goes along with it. But you can save little freshness time and again by using these silicone rubber bottle caps and slow down as well as avoid the process of degrading freshness. You can reseal the bottles and can enjoy fresh drinks at the same time.

10. Hip Beer Game

You can change a quiet get-together into a fun event and that can be done by introducing everyone present there to this beer game, termed Beeropoly. It is a board game just like the others, but here instead of rolling dice, you roll beer caps. While covering the entire series, you all will go through a variety of challenges, adding excitement to a boring party.

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