5 Ingredients of Successful YouTube Content

Not all YouTube content is created equal, but you should strive to be the best out there. And fortunately for you, there are some strong strategies you can use to improve your approach to content creation. Successful YouTube content is a mix of different ingredients. Miss one? You’re less likely to succeed. The information you present in the videos is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Here is a checklist to successful video content.

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#1. Get them hooked

This is your pitch. The thing that will make viewers decide to stay and watch the video until the end. If you’re familiar with writing pitches, the hook in video content works on the same principle. You want to simply describe in several words what you’re going to talk about in that video. This part is important because it will make viewers decide in a matter of seconds if this is what they’re looking for or not. At buysocialmediamarketing.com we find out there are several tell-tale signs of a good video.

  • What problem of your viewers will you be solving in the video?
  • A catchy, funny phrase to grab your audience’s attention.

Generally, experts say you should keep it short, sweet, and informative. Keep in mind that viewers decide if they want to watch a video until the end or not in approximately 15 seconds. Use that time slot to make the most of it.

#2. The bread crumb method

There are plenty of methods to get 2000 YouTube views instantly, and one of the professionally-approved ones is the bread crumb method. This method involves feeding your audience small pieces of information throughout the entire video to keep them engaged, and make them watch your content until the end. The easiest way to tackle this mission is to create a video outline or a script outline.

#3. Dynamic content

For instance, How-To videos tend to become easily boring if you forget to pack them with information and actionable advice. Your viewers will leave your video if you don’t offer them snappy, smart information. That being said, focus on making your videos as dynamic and actionable as possible and skip on the chit chat. This can turn out boring quite easily.

#4. Learn some editing skills

The editing part will help you tremendously to get rid of those sections where you just couldn’t stop talking. Editing skills are valuable because you can cut all the unnecessary chit-chat and they will also help you make your videos more visually appealing. Making transitions, adding the right music for your context and type of video, adding relevant text, everything matters.

#5. Remember the hook? Use it again!

And because the hook is so important when you want to keep your audience engaged, remember to use it again at the end of your video. Have a different hook for this part, where you encourage your viewers to return for more high-quality content in the future. Again, make it short, sweet, snappy and funny. Viewers love this type of hook!

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