Local Singapore Attraction Ideas

Singapore is most known for its gardens and modern buildings, but there are many Singapore attractions to see in this small country. Here are five of the best.

Gardens by the bay

This garden is located on two artificial islands made with rubble left after World War II. It is estimated that one-third of Singapore’s land consists of concrete used for rebuilding after the war. The Garden was created with a very large greenhouse at its center, which holds more than 500 species of plants worldwide. There are also two different conservatories where you can experience very different climates without ever leaving Singapore! One conservatory holds a tropical rain-forest climate, while another has an arid desert climate. These make up one of five stops visitors can make in the garden. There are also two separate flower domes holding even more flowers.

Local Singapore Attraction Ideas

Night Safari

The Night Safari was created to allow visitors to view animals in a nocturnal setting without disturbing their natural habitats or sleep patterns. Visitors ride on top of an open vehicle that takes them through the jungle where they can see many different creatures lit up by night vision technology. This attraction is one of Singapore’s most popular because it allows people to get a glimpse at what it would be like to live in such a place, just like visiting another country without actually crossing any borders.

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Singapore flyer

Many people visit Singapore for work or school and don’t have time to take in all the Singapore attractions and scenery. The Singapore flyer is a large kite shaped like a plane that takes visitors on an aerial tour above the city in just about 20 minutes. Visitors will see many of the city’s landmarks from high up in the sky, such as Chinatown and Marina Bay. Tickets for this attraction include round-trip transportation to and from the Flyer, so there is no need to worry about parking or any other logistics!

Sri Mariamman Temple

This temple was originally built by Indian immigrants in 1827 when Singapore was still a British colony. It has since become one of Singapore’s most popular attractions and is used for both cultural and religious purposes. People can find Hindu idols inside for worshiping near several water ponds and elephants outside. The temple also provides an insight into Indian culture as a whole with the spice shop, rotating restaurant, and Bollywood dance studio it hosts.

Universal Studio

Universal Studio

Visitors to Singapore can’t leave without going to at least one of the massive theme parks. One of the most popular for children is Universal Studio, which allows visitors to become part of some of their favorite movies through simulations and other interactive experiences. Some examples include the Shrek 4D Adventure Ride or Transformers 3D Battle Across Time. This might be one attraction that needs multiple days to truly experience everything.

These attractions are just five out of hundreds in Singapore. Each one has its own unique perspective on both natural human creativity. If you’re ever in the area or want to plan a trip there, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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