3 important benefits of buying cancer insurance

We list the important reasons for buying cancer insurance online if you haven’t already done so

The word ‘cancer’ strikes fear in the heart of any person. We all fear it because it causes so many fatalities, and also because it is so difficult to treat. However, not all forms of cancer are fatal, and many of them are treatable if caught early.

Here are 3 reasons to buy a good cancer policy:

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buying cancer insurance

#1 Cancer treatment is expensive, so having a cancer policy is crucial

It is a well-known fact that treating cancer is not just a long process, but it is also a highly expensive one. You may have heard of several people who became bankrupt after trying to treat cancer. The treatment often involves several rounds of hospital visits, diagnostic tests, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy cycles, and daily medication. All of this is extremely expensive, and it can wipe out your income and savings in no time. But if you have a good cancer plan to help you, the money can help you fund the treatment without disturbing your other resources.

#2 The cancer life insurance pays the sum assured upfront, so you can start treatment at once

The best cancer insurance in India is designed to provide you the with lump sum pay-out upon diagnosis of cancer. This means that once your diagnosis is final, the insurance provider just needs to look at your scans and test results. There might even be an independent consultation with your doctor to confirm the prognosis. After this, the insurance provider releases the sum assured money to you so that you can start the treatment at once.

Several people defer taking treatment at once or going to a specialist because they fear the high costs of treatment. But delaying treatment results in the disease progressing rapidly – it can become difficult to treat it at a later stage, when it has the potential to become fatal. However, when you buy cancer insurance online, you save yourself from these future complications.

#3 It supplements your current health insurance plan

Another benefit of having a good cancer plan is that it provides important financial support over and above your existing health plan. Based on the insurance provider and their array of health plans, you can buy cancer insurance online either as a standalone policy or as a rider with your existing policy. In the second instance, the premium rises to account for the additional rider.

However, it can provide valuable additional coverage in the event of cancer prognosis. As mentioned above, it salvages your personal funds from being utilized for expensive cancer treatment.

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