Baby Shower Gift Guide

The bright and sunny Australia is a vacation hotspot all-year-round, the home to up-and-coming designers and trends, and one of the most beautiful places to live. The country is home to almost 25 million people — and amongst them are expecting moms-to-be, nervous dads, and excited future aunts and uncles.

Like anywhere else in the world, the thought of people close to you having a baby can be a rollercoaster of excitement. There is plenty to look forward to, but as a supportive friend or family member, the baby shower is one of the biggest events you have to attend. The party is celebrated all over the world, but there is one common dilemma: choosing the best option among baby shower gifts Australia has to offer. With so many adorable choices and only room for one present, here is a guide to narrow down your search.

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Practical And Fun With An All-In-One Baby Box

Preparing for a baby is plenty of work and even more thinking in-between. It involves choosing the best of the best, but along the way, expecting moms and dads may forget a thing or two until after the baby comes. Help ease the burden of baby preparations by picking out a fun and practical all-in-one baby box for your expecting friend or family.

You can find a pre-arranged box of baby shower gifts as Australia is filled with high-quality items from clothing, blankets, bibs, toys, plus practical extras such as a face and body wash or even a baby-friendly skincare set. Amid the chaos of picking out the right items from baby bottles to a stroller, the mom and dad-to-be may forget about some essential body care items, so your present can be a lifesaver.

The Perfect Destresser For The Impending Chaos

Baby showers are not just for the unborn baby; they are also a celebration for the mom and dad-to-be. Bring a fun twist to the traditional presents by preparing a gift box with stuff for the baby and a little extra for the parents. A bottle of champagne never hurt for a post-baby hurrah or a dose of fizz on stressful nights. You can prepare a gift box filled with baby stuff plus a fun champagne add-on or get a box premade online.

The recipients will surely love the lighthearted reference to the impending wave of stress that parenthood is about to bring!

The Most Practical Cake

If you have not attended a baby shower in the past, then you have likely not seen a nappy cake. While it may sound odd, it is essentially a cake-shaped gift box filled with diapers and other fun presents. It is a super cute gift that any parent-to-be will appreciate as it, by default, contains nappies, which you can never have enough of with a baby on the way.

You can order one online or make it on your own by wrapping a gift box in a soft, patterned cloth and filling it with nappies and other fun items for the baby, added Kidsco who reviews the best high chairs. Most people like adding a pair of shoes, some onesies, bibs, towels, and toys. There is no default size for nappy cakes, which means that you can go the extra mile and make a large one for the new baby.

Furniture Goes A Long Way

If gift boxes are not your thing, or if you are looking for an extra special present for your favourite mom-to-be, then consider picking up a piece of furniture for the new baby’s room. Some low-cost options include adorable wall art with illustrations of koalas — an Australian favourite. But if you are working with a larger budget, then some cute gift ideas include a walker, a rocking chair, or a baby mobile. These will last much longer than the usual gift box items as the baby can use them for a longer period.

The baby fever may have gotten you into a shopping frenzy for the upcoming baby and soon-to-be parents, but remember that the thought counts significantly more than the present. They will surely appreciate and will be able to use whatever you bring!

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