Anesongib Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

In the United Arab Emirates, AnEsonGib was born and raised. 1st He has spent the bulk of his life in the city of Dubai. He has been an expert in video games, including FIFA since he was a small child.

Early life

In early February 2018, he released a video in which AnEsonGib and KSI competed in a boxing match in London. On August 18th, 2018, he launched his YouTube channel. He often delivered FIFA content on YouTube as a FIFA gamer, including pack openings, competitions, ultimate teams, and more.” Fifa 13 Best Free Kick Ever!!!!” is his first video on the YouTube website. In May of 2015, he reached 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


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Anesongib Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real Name
Ali Loui Al-Fakhri
Date of BirthJuly 4, 1996
ProfessionYoutuber, Social Media Personality
Age24 Years
5 ft 7 in
RelatioshipsNot Known
Net Worth$100,000 – $1M
NationalitySaudi Arabia
Social MediaTwitterAnEsonGib




Ali is a well-known FIFA player who is known for his luck with Ultimate Team packs. Since he gets high-rated players in the groups, he refers to himself as the “pack king.”After wagering on KSI and Wroetoshaw in FIFA 14, he made his first breakthrough. Since then, he’s collaborated with Harry on several projects, most of which revolve around the FIFA franchise. He also took part in the YouTube Allstars’ 2016 charity football match in Southampton.


AnEsonGibs is not dating anyone as of 2021 and a24-year-old woman. AnEsonGib had at least one prior partnership, according to CelebsCouples. He has never been married before.

Hobbies and interest

Paul and AnEsonGib have more than 100 times the combined following of the rest of the card on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media channel available.

Unknown facts about Anesongib 

In the Year of the Rat, AnEsonGib was born. People born under the Chinese zodiac sign of Rat have an intuitive, acute, and alert temperament, making them excellent businesspeople. They will still respond appropriately before the worst-case scenario occurs. Adaptable, wise, vigilant, sharp, alert, optimistic, versatile, outgoing, and cheerful are some of their strengths. They can also be shy, insecure, stubborn, and picky, lacking perseverance and a querulous attitude. The numbers 2 and 3 are lucky for them, as are the colors gold, blue, and green.

Anesongib Net worth

The bulk of AnEsonGib’s fortune stems from his work as a YouTuber. AnEsonGib’s net worth is $100,000 – $1M, according to, based on figures from Net Worth Stats. The net worth is determined by adding all of their assets and subtracting all of their liabilities. According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income in the United States in 2018 was $63,179 to put his fortune in context. Salaries differ depending on several factors, including gender, education, industry, and geographic location. The United States’ annual inflation rate is 1.8 percent.

Bottom Line

Here in the above article, there was a piece of information about AnEsonGib who was born in Saudi Arabia on July 4, 1996, and is best known for being a YouTuber. He is a FIFA gamer who uploads pack openings, challenges, ultimate teams, and other FIFA material on YouTube.

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