5 Advantages of Physical Print: Do You Still Need Paper During Your Client Presentations?

Meeting your prospective client can be a daunting task. What slides do you present? What ideas do you push? What are their needs you should focus on? It is a difficult task.

Another question is, do you still need paper in your client presentation? With the advent of technology, it seems everything can be digitalized. Your presentation can be saved on the cloud and shared when ready. Not using paper has many benefits like sustainability and cost savings.

But the era of paper has not ended yet. With that said, here are five advantages of Physical Print for your client meetings.

One good tip we can give you is when you have a printer, always make sure you have heaps of ink. This is often overlooked in a lot of offices and it’s a pain to run out of ink whenever you badly need them. Remember you can purchase ink bulk to save money. The more you get, the more ready you are for every business you do that involves printing.

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During meetings, it is too tedious for your client to download your presentation while you show it on screen. There are too many things that can go wrong.

What if your client doesn’t have a fast connection to show it? What if the internet is faulty at your meeting place? What if their device doesn’t have enough juice? And the list of problems goes on.

Printing your presentation, such as with Unibind, will help them follow your pitch with high-quality customized prints and covers. There is lesser setup time for a compelling pitch.

The Available Technology in the Meeting Venue

It is not every time that you have a projector for all your client meetings. Sometimes, you just close your deals in restaurants or a hotel lounge. With 65% of the population being visual learners, if you do not have a printed copy, how can’t really make an impression with your pitch to convince your clients.

Yes, you have your laptop. But nothing replaces beautifully printed documents on the hands of your prospects. You can try out Unibind for stellar paper prints.

More Advertising Real Estate

Not all people use their big iPads during meetings. Smartphones might suffice. But sometimes, information may be cramped on their small screens. How can they absorb what is written?

With a customized paper print, you are sure you have enough real estate to advertise your pitch to your clients.

Avoid Distractions

Unless you provide the iPads yourself, there is a chance for their devices to be a source of distraction. You want your clients to focus on your pitch. You want them to hear the right advantages to arrive at an informed decision. If a notification suddenly pings on their screen, your presentation might not be as effective.

Good for Multiple Decision-Makers

Sometimes, relevant information for specific departments differs for different heads. When you are in a boardroom full of decision-makers, it is ideal to have printed documents for easy navigation of your presentation.

With separate physical prints, they can concentrate on different sections of your presentation to have an informed decision. Buying your product would affect the production department differently from the accounting department.

By having simultaneous access to your presentation with paper print, the department heads can raise these questions to you. After all, these questions might lead you closer to your sale.

Going digital is always a good choice, but print still proves to be a useful marketing tool. Use it to your advantage.

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