49 Indian Funny Images will make Your Day

We all have problems in our life. Sometimes more or sometimes less. Don’t you deserve some happiness from the day to day hectic schedule or tensions in the family? We have taken some funny Indian Images from the internet that will definitely make your day.

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1. Side effects of Love Marriage

Every marriage has something in it exciting but we all know there are few side effects of marriage too. This Guy must be rewarded 🙂

2. The Lady deserves a Salute

This Lady deserve a Salute, maybe she doesn’t know that this train is not auto, which nowadays bothers you even at the point of hand without a hand

3. Have you ever seen such grapes, if not see now!

Maybe this man doesn’t know the difference between Grapes and mangoes. For him,  Grapes are sour.

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4. What a Toilet AHHAA

This is what we called lack of English Speaking and Writing Skills

5. English Speaking Course Who Would Like to Learn 

Above poster should learn English from this school. We all would like to know how to learn English Speaking. Haa haa haa.

6. Try this at Your Own Risk. best Friends Spotted

These two friends are looking for some exiting style of peeing. This looks funny but this is dangerous too.

7. Everything can be tasted here

This pathological Center is funny in its own way because almost everything could be tasted here. Even Shit 😀

8. Thank You for attention

Maybe they have forgotten to write about the advertisement and only written about attention

9. Momos corner or Moms Corner

Have you heard about dragon mom? No, this is the only person have dragon mom.

10.  SBI opened a Sewing machine Center

11. Z++ Security provided to SBI ATM

12. Ghanta Physics Classes Who want to attend

13. Shoes Hospital

We can say unique marketing strategy to grab the attention of customers.

14. What will you do if can’t afford Volkeswagon

15. Beware of this 

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