What Makes the Most Effective B2B Ads?

By 2023, B2B companies will spend about $15 billion on digital marketing.

B2B marketing continues to adjust to post-pandemic life. Prior to the pandemic, marketers relied on in-person sales for business.

Budgets shifted to digital marketing over the last two years. If you’re making that shift yourself, you know how tough it is to create effective B2B ads.

It’s not easy, but it is possible to make B2B advertising an essential part of your marketing strategy.

How can you do this? Keep reading to learn how to take your B2B advertising to the next level.

B2B Ads

Know Who the Decision-Maker Is

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C advertising? With B2C advertising, you have a clear picture of the end-user. Your ads can speak directly to that person.

B2B ads work a bit differently. There are multiple stakeholders in the B2B sales process. There’s the entry-level person researching products. Then there are the end-users, department managers, and financial people.

The reason why in-person selling is so effective is that you can address the needs of each stakeholder at once.

If you want to create effective B2B ads, know who you’re targeting. For instance, a top of funnel ad might be addressed to the researcher.

The final decision probably rests with the financial manager. They’ll want to see ROI numbers before they sign off.

2. Separate Your Company From the Competition

B2B ads tend to use the same power words. They’ll talk about resilience, leadership, emotional intelligence, and efficiency.

If you use the same set of power words, your B2B ads will sound like every other company. Your ads will just have a different logo and color scheme.

Get clear as to why your company is better than the competition. Discover what makes your company unique and how you can solve your customers’ problems.

3. The Goals of B2B Ads

Do you know the purpose of B2B ads? Your goals could be to drive sales, get website traffic, or generate quality leads.

Be sure to decide the goals of your ads before they launch.

4. Measuring Results

How do you know if B2B advertising is effective? You look at the KPIs that correspond with the goals of your campaign.

If the goal of an ad is to get more traffic, then check your traffic statistics. You might run a cold calling campaign to generate sales. This guide shows you how to measure ROI.

No matter what type of advertising you invest in, you have to measure the results.


As you invest more money in B2B digital marketing, you need to know what makes B2B ads effective.

Get your marketing team in a room and decide who you want to target and the purpose of each ad. Know why your company is better than the competition.

That’s the foundation you need to build a strong B2B advertising campaign.

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