10 Question Always asked in Interview

If you prepare answers to some common questions before going to an interview with any company, then your job path becomes clearer right there. The panel present in the interview examines the candidates’ communication skills, confidence, and intimacy. So let us tell you the answers to questions from a common command that you can prepare for.

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1. Tell me something about yourself?

Any interview begins with this question. Answer this question by telling you some achievements in your previous job. If you are a fresher then first tell about your qualification, qualifications, and extracurricular activities.

2. Why do you want to quit your job?

Remember to answer this question, you should not say any negative thing during your interview about your previous company or boss. This will only spoil the impression of you. You can tell you some solid reasons, such as career growth, financial stability, job security, etc.

3. Why do you want to join our company?

Through this, the interview panel tries to know your dedication to the job. According to Job Requirements, give your answer and tell them how much money you have to meet these requirements and you also have the capacity for it.

4. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

If you ask this question, then be honest and clear about your future goals. But keep in mind two things as well, the panel wants to know about your career expectations. In addition, in your ambition this job matters.

5. What is the biggest achievement of your career?

In response to this question, you have to tell about all the achievements that you have achieved during your previous jobs. It should mention all the promotions, awards, etc. you have.

6. Why do we choose for you only for this post?

The answer to this question should be, which matches the need of the vacancy, that is, you have to tell about the qualities that the interview panel feels you are fit for that position. Every vacancy requires certain candidate’s qualities. You give your answer accordingly.

7. Where did you find out about this vacancy?

Well, there are many sources of knowledge about the opening, but you have to tell through your answer that you are eager to work in the company and keep checking the vacancies that are coming out. You can say something like that you are a patent for technology and this company is the best in this sector.

8. Do anyone know at the institution?

Every institute has its own policy. Before answering this question, know what the policies are about working with the knowledge base (friends, relatives) in this institute. Well, it would be good if you used to be careful to tell the name of someone you know.

9. What are your salaried requirements?

If you have asked this question from the interview panel, then understand that your interview till now has gone in the right direction. At such times, you should not make any such demand, which will be able to refund your hard work so far. You will already have a little idea about how much salary the company will give you. Research about the salary and benefits of the company you are applying for but let the employer open up about the good salary opportunity that they offer. You ask for a little more amount of money so that it can easily be negotiated.

10. Do you want to know something from us?

You should always keep at least one question in advance which you can ask from the panel. You can ask a question related to the job profile. It has an impression on the panel that you are interested in this job.

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