3 Approaches to Mental Therapy and How They Work

Mental therapy is performed for a variety of reasons. A person may be particularly stressed out in their lives and it’s affecting them physically, or they have experienced major trauma. No matter the reason, therapy is incredibly beneficial for almost any person.

There are three major types of mental therapy, and each one serves a specific purpose. Based on scientific psychological theories, let us have a look at the various approaches and what circumstances they are suited for.


Mental Therapy


Behavioural therapy is based on the theory that your current actions stem from the things you have learnt in your past. Attitudes to other people and even emotional responses are subconsciously embedded because of the manner in which a person has experienced life. This type of therapy is broken down into further subcategories, but the aim is to change a person’s behaviour so that it doesn’t negatively affect their life.

For some people, the way that family and other people treat them majorly impacts their outward behaviour. It causes them to act out in ways that aren’t rational. Behavioural therapy can help with problems such as phobias, substance abuse, ADHD, OCD, and depression. It works by showing a person how to actively make better choices, regardless of their situation, and to change their behaviour by learning specific coping mechanisms.


Also based on your behaviour and patterns, psychodynamic therapy works by talking through absolutely everything that is on your mind. It takes psychoanalysis into account to consider whether a person’s childhood, fantasies, and even recurring nightmares may have contributed to their emotional stress. This therapy works for all types of problems; however, in order for it to work properly, a person must be committed to the therapy for a few months, maybe even a few years.

Places like Ottawa Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre offer psychodynamic therapy to get to the root of the issue. The centre also provides individual, couple and family psychotherapy services to understand how a person’s emotions are affected by close relationships. The centre has full capability to provide online therapy sessions, so there is no need to leave the home. With more than 30 therapists, patients are allowed to choose the therapist they feel most comfortable with.


The way a person views the world significantly affects the choices that they make in life. With a positive worldview, a person sees more opportunities than a pessimist, and they believe that everything will work out. The humanistic therapy approach in psychology works to help a person live a fulfilling life without being held down by their past experiences and perspectives.

Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to put things into a different perspective to see that there is a silver lining. It could be a philosophical issue in which a person has an existential crisis. Humanistic therapy is the best way to mitigate these types of issues, and it helps a person develop self-esteem and cope with trauma.

Understanding the way that the human mind works is the foundation of these three therapies. Each one addresses specific mental and health issues associated with the general difficulties of life. With a trained professional, any person can recover from the issues they are dealing with.

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