5 Tips to Write Captivating Captions to get more Instagram Likes

Are you struggling to bring the attention of viewers and get more likes on your Instagram posts?

If yes, then you are at the right place. You must have heard about quality content, attractive visuals, and trending hashtags, but wait, there is something more. Along with these three elements, “Captions” are something that can make or break the viewer’s attention in your posts. Creating engaging captions is essential for increasing interaction and gaining a larger audience. You can write eye catchy and engaging captions that not only resonate with your followers but also entice them to interact with your content. The blend of attractive visuals, high-quality content, and eye catchy captions can bring a storm of likes that can shoot up your engagement and Instagram growth. However, captions are not just a general statement about your post. It should be inciting enough to raise curiosity among the audience to check out your content and show some activity in the form of likes, comments, and shares. In this guide, we will explore some great tips on how to write captivating captions to skyrocket your Instagram likes.

Tips to Write Captivating Captions to get more Instagram Likes

Be Concise and Compelling

There is a 2200-character limit for Instagram captions, and it’s important to utilize that space effectively and concisely to grab attention. Make sure to write a captivating, attractive, and attention-seeking first line, as that is the only sentence that is visible. The rest of the caption hides in the “read more” section. Users will not be able to view the whole caption at once but only the first line. Use compelling language and ask questions to arouse interest and curiosity. Although Instagram provides a 2200-character limit but, in a world where time is money, no one is actually going to read a whole 2200-character caption. It’s necessary to write captions in the minimum number of characters possible. Your users will not even read 300 words, so be concise and clear with your captions. Frame your first line in a way that incites a reader to read the whole caption and show some engagement. In short, you can say that the first line is the face of your caption that defines if the reader has captivated interest or not. Compelling captions attract Instagram likes and ultimately increase reach and visibility. You can even buy Instagram likes from an authentic site to boost your initial engagement.

Include a Call to Action

Encourage your viewers to perform some action and show engagement with your post by using CTA. CTA is basically actionable advice that tells users what you want them to do with your posts. You can ask them to give an answer in the comment section, share with their friend, tag a person, share their opinion on the topic, or something else. Every post is made for some sort of action from the viewers. Whether it’s on the platform or taking them to your website, there is always some motive behind a post. An effective CTA attracts likes from people who engage with the call to action (CTA). Therefore, mention what action you want them to take. A few examples of CTAs are-

  • Click on the link in the bio
  • Participate in challenge
  • Leave a comment
  • Tag a friend
  • Visit our website
  • Shop now

Tell a story

Don’t make your captions too generic or boring. Spice them up by sharing an engaging or relatable story with your audience. It could be a personal story, sensory words, a tale, or a behind-the-scenes look that adds to the value of your content. Remember that telling a story doesn’t mean adding more than 150 words in a caption. It’s not the typical storytelling that you write in a blog. By telling a story, we just mean moving ahead of neutral content and adding something with which readers can connect – personally and emotionally. The story should be such that it transports the viewer into a different world, invokes emotions and paints a vivid picture in their mind. For example, imagine you are an artist who added a beautiful picture of your sunset painting. Now one caption can be generic – check this beautiful painting made by “this person”. Now check this caption – As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, my painter’s palette couldn’t resist capturing the vibrant hues of the magical sunset. This caption, in the form of storytelling, invokes emotions and connects the user with the visual image more effectively. Such appealing storytelling encourages users to like your posts and show engagement.

Use Emojis

We are in a world where emotions and words have taken the form of emojis, and people love that. Emojis can improve your captions’ aesthetic appeal, personality, and emotional impact. They not only add an aesthetic look but also break the long pieces of content written in a caption. Adding relevant emojis that fit perfectly well in a caption can be used as a fun element to capture interest. Check out which set of emojis works for your brand and keep them in mind while adding the caption. For example, if you sell a mobile phone and add mobile phone emoji in the first line, it will immediately capture the viewer’s attention. Without even reading the caption, they will get to know about your post, and interested ones will definitely give your caption a read and will perform some action. They express your message in an exciting and engaging way that the Instagram audience likes. Make sure not to bombard the caption with emojis, as an excess of anything is harmful.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a medium to increase discoverability and reach. They are basically the keywords of Instagram that are used to search for a particular topic or query. Sprinkle some relevant hashtags to your brand and ensure they have a high search intent. To make your posts reach a wider audience, you can combine specific hashtags with the trending hashtags that are getting the maximum views during that time. Create your brand hashtag to form a separate identity for your brand on Instagram and provide valuable content under that hashtag. Instagram even allows people to follow hashtags, so adding them to your content increases the likelihood of getting noticed by the target market. Always check your competitor’s hashtags and see the following and posts added under that hashtag. Choose the popular ones and avoid the ones with less number of posts, as they are either vague or invaluable.


Instagram captions are a game-changer that, if carefully added, can invoke emotions, bring engagement and start conversions. They breathe life into posts and incite emotions, fun, and intrigue. If you are struggling to write a captivating caption, go through the above points and try to incorporate them while writing captions. You will see an increase in the number of likes on a post and increasing followers alongside.

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