Grandeur of Stars

Appreciating the Grandeur of Stars

The reason why stars are so vital is that they have supported humanity in navigating the Earth. When it was night, these stars would illuminate the sky, providing light for people. In... Read more »

Laws in Dubai that you should Know before visiting in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful place with exotic locations, you will find one of the biggest man-made monuments in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa. But before visiting Dubai you should aware of Laws in... Read more »
richest cities in the world

Mumbai Come across Top 12 Richest Cities in the World

According to a report by New World Health, India’s economic hub Mumbai has become the 12th richest city in the world with a value of 950 billion dollars. Now, Mumbai is among... Read more »
Smart trees

Smart tree planted in Dubai – Sit below & Connect to the World

This thing is no longer hidden from anyone that the world of solar energy is growing in the sector. Palm trees run by this same solar energy have also been installed in... Read more »
Garbage City

You will not believe This is Garbage City

Do you know that the least garbage in the world is found in Sweden, but Egypt’s ward, the Manshiyat Naser, is called ‘Garzeb City’, or ‘City of Trash’. In Garbage City you... Read more »