Facelift Surgeon: What Should I Look for in My Surgeon?

A surgeon for improving your face and tighten your skin can seem overwhelming. Worry not. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, you are in good hands with Dr. Jacono. Today, we will summarize some things you should look for in a good surgeon.

1. Does his website have before-and-after pictures?

There should be plenty of before-and-after photos on his website to certify his results. That is what you are looking for, after all. You want results. You may be wondering how these before-and-after pictures obtained from patients when patient confidentiality is a must.

Often, the option is offered to a patient in exchange for a discounted rate on their surgery. The patient signs a release of information form so that this can be posted on his website. Don’t worry. Your information and pictures will always be private and discreet unless you specifically write and sign something to the contrary.

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Facelift Surgeon

2. Are there recent testimonials on his website?

Testimonials let you know about real people in his town who think his services are great. This will give you confidence in his abilities. If you recognize a name, you will feel his business is even more legitimate. Whatever the case, realistic testimonials about his performance should always be part of his web presence. Make sure that you read the testimonials so that you know what to expect.

3. Is he board-certified in Plastic Surgery?

Board-certification is in a specific sub-specialty and is not required by any doctor. This means that someone who is board-certified is ultra-legitimate and has proven themselves against a panel of prestigious and highly-knowledgeable colleagues. Since this additional accreditation is unnecessary to practice, you can rest assured that this person is a high-level member of their field if they hold this credential. A surgeon who is board-certified in Plastic Surgery is a high-quality surgeon, indeed.

4. Does his office have before-and-after pictures of each procedure?

You may not know about all of the facelift procedures available. You should be able to quickly and easily look at the before and after of many different facial procedures. This lets you know about any additional procedures you might like to get at the same time.

Additionally, when you see Dr. Jacono for a consult, you can ask for more examples and more pictures of what each procedure does. This will give you more confidence about what will happen to you and how you will look afterward. Remember: A facial surgery that is not obvious is not helpful. You want to look noticeably better, not subtly better. These additional options may be exactly what you want to add.

5. Are you able to get an accurate picture of how your own face will be altered?

Sometimes, your photo can be portrayed on a computer screen, and different options can be shown to you in real time. This is not always an option, however. In that case, make sure you are clear on how each procedure will alter your appearance. This is your face. The changes made should be exactly how you want them to be.

Often, the changes can simply be pointed out to you as you look in the mirror. You will be able to see them in your imagination. However, if a computer-generated visual is available, you should definitely take advantage of that feature.

6. Do you feel comfortable in his presence?

All doctors are good at their jobs. All surgeons have spent additional years becoming great at their jobs. Not every surgeon has a likable personality or a personality that fits well with yours. You should notice how comfortable you feel in the presence of your plastic surgeon. You may prefer one over another, and this difference is important.

Keep track of how much time your plastic surgeon gives you to ask questions and not feel rushed. Ask as many questions as you can in the initial consultation so that you can go home with a lot of good answers to consider.

7. Has he given you a realistic time period for your post-surgery healing?

Your plastic surgery in a quality surgical center turn out great. During the healing period, you will want to stay indoors so that you can heal in private. For this, you will need a realistic time period to plan. Perhaps your job or family will need attending before this time period is up. You want to show off your dazzling good looks in a perfect initial showing. Be sure to plan on enough healing time so that you can make a final reveal in front of all your friends and family. The results will be amazing!

8. How many post-surgery checkups are there? What do the follow ups entail?

This is where your plastic surgeon checks on his work and makes sure that you are safe and healing properly. You will want to schedule as many followups as are recommended by his office. Don’t skimp on this. Your procedure went well. Things are healing nicely now. Support your stunning new look with great followup care. If there are any tiny complications, your skilled professional will spot them and take care of them immediately. If everything seems to be going great, you can make the followup appointments slightly further apart but don’t skimp on the number of appointments at all.

Dr. Andrew Jacono is Board-Certified in two specialties: Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. He is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at North Shore University Hospital Manhasset. Globally recognized, Dr. Jacono attracts patients from all over the world. His focus is on maintaining your natural look while creating permanent results for lifelong youthfulness.

Many of his before and after pictures show an age difference of twenty or thirty years. His specialty (a very rare skill) is Deep Plane Face Lift Surgery. This technique adjusts deeper, underlying facial tissue that sags with aging. This prevents the “tightened skin” look of lesser quality procedures. Dr. Jacono does all of this with minimally invasive techniques, creating minimal scarring. Be sure to schedule an appointment with this NYC-based facelift specialist.

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