What Makes a Good Web-Hosting Package?

This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask, not being too familiar with website hosting and management and if you are planning to launch a small business, web design and hosting is part and parcel of the business setup process.

A single provider can design, build & host your company website, which means you can focus on other aspects of the business, knowing that all your web needs are taken care of. Regarding hosting, there are a few packages, from low to high bandwidth, with a ‘dedicated server’ option, which is recommended for a busy website.

Web-Hosting Package

Here are some of the aspects of web-hosting to consider;

  • Web security – If you are going to store your web data on a remote server, it needs to be 100% secure. Any web-hosting provider would be happy to show you their cyber-security rating, which should be high.
  • Storage space – A website grows and evolves over time and with 4k video and hi-res images, your need for storage space will grow and it is easy to add drive space to your account. Scalable solutions allow your platform to expand and develop, while you also need good bandwidth.
  • Bandwidth – The bigger the data road, the faster your site and with dedicated server packages, you are not sharing the drive with other clients. This is not something you’ll need at the start of your journey, but hopefully, your business will enjoy steady growth and you can periodically increase your bandwidth.
  • Additional apps – If you’re looking for app developers in Sydney, they would also offer web-hosting and you can add a range of powerful apps to your platform. There are many benefits to be gained from the use of apps and we recommend exploring all the options.
  • Online time – Servers do crash and this could result in your site going down for anything up to 24 hours; a good web-host would automatically back all data up on separate servers and a crash would result in a 30-second blip, then normal service is resumed. Click here for more info on web hosting.
  • Domain name registration – Every website has a www. address that ends with .com, .org or .net and when you choose a URL, the web-hosting company checks to see if that URL is currently in use; if it isn’t, they reserve the domain name for 2 years, which costs you a few dollars. Try to be creative with a web address, something that is easy to remember and the shorter the better.
  • Payment gateways – Your web-host can set up any number of payment gateways for your customers to use, which is great for e-commerce businesses.

It is important to have good cyber-security when online and a web-hosting provider can ensure that all your data is safe from hackers. If you are ready to build your business website, search with Google for a leading Australian web developer and take the first steps to creating a professional-looking website that reflects you and your business.


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