5 ways to get excited this season

1. Make a mind map first.

You’re ready to move some energy after a month of meditation! The Sun’s passage through Aries unleashes your creative potential and directs your attention toward fresh, original ideas, building on the lucid feelings of the Pisces season. You’ll be humming with grand visions throughout this highly stimulating solar cycle since Aries rules the head. Aries energy is like the spark that ultimately ignites the flame because it is the first of the fire signs and the first sign of the zodiac. But it’s too early to become engrossed in putting out any fires. Simply put all of your bright ideas down on paper over the next four weeks without actually committing to the project just yet. The best method for organizing all those moments of inspiration while maintaining a natural, creative flow is mind mapping. This approach basically entails writing one idea in the center of a piece of paper, followed by mapping sub-ideas (and sub-sub-ideas) in circles, branching outward from there.

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5 ways to get excited this season

2. Move your body.

It’s easy to get sucked into a thousand initiatives and goals during this quick-moving astrological season—then feel overwhelmed and want to give up on them all! Make physical activity a priority to prevent overburden. We advise scheduling three (or more) blocks of time for physical activity each week. Moving your body releases trapped energy and serves as a convincing justification for declining every request for an extracurricular activity. (A wise approach for the majority of unnecessary tasks during this erratic solar cycle.) Variety is the flavor of spring training during the Aries season, so switch up your workout routine by joining a different class or switching up your gym circuits. Alternately, if you enjoy your routine, switch up the environment. Perform tricep dips on a park bench and yoga poses on your balcony. Try a workout that combines martial arts and fitness, as Aries is the warrior sign, or enroll in a self-defense course.

3. Use rage as a strategy.

During the Aries season, anger is a key emotion that is prone to unpredictably erupting. It’s crucial to be aware of your anger during this zodiacal season, even if nobody wants to be known as the “rager” in the room. In many cases, suppressing anger only serves to make it explode and leave you feeling drained and miserable. On the other hand, recognising your triggers is essential to establishing limits, which the Ram of the zodiac promotes for the sake of self-preservation! Listen in: What or who has been bothering you lately? Make a mental note of it, then seek out a disinterested party with whom you can discuss your emotions. However, what you DON’T want to do is pick up the phone to yell at someone or send a retaliatory text about how you feel. The impulsive energies of the Aries season may cause you to sever relationships or make a disastrous mistake that may take years (and tears) to fix. Additionally, as you dig a bit deeper to determine what’s setting you off, you might find that communication is the missing piece. It’s possible that you haven’t been expressing your demands or desires clearly.

4. Adopt a spirit of innocent amazement.

Adopt a spirit of innocent amazement

Aries, the horoscope’s newest sign, may awaken a childlike sense of wonder in all of us. Try adopting the Buddhist principle of Shoshin, or “beginner’s mentality,” during this zodiac season. What if you approached every familiar person, location, or thing as if it were your first encounter? The experience might take on an entirely new level. See what happens if you abandon all presumptions and instead are inquisitive and intrigued on this four-week trip. (Surprise! The responses you receive may not be as evident as you believe. With the same feeling of openness, you approach your professional or personal ambitions. When acquiring a new ability, such as playing an instrument or kicking a soccer ball, children don’t evaluate themselves. As adults, though, our egos and self-doubt stand in the way. Imagine launching your own company, taking a yoga retreat, or accomplishing anything on your bucket list without worrying about success or failure. Are you going to take a chance or keep “future-filing” your dreams? As a fun exercise, say “yes” to everything for a day (within reason, of course). We’ve tried it when we’ve been stuck in a rut. Rekindle your youthful spirit of limitless possibility!

5. Go on a date with yourself

When was the last time you thoroughly enjoyed being by yourself without automatically reaching for your phone to check Instagram or otherwise occupying yourself with busy work or errands? Aries is the sign that rules self-love, and many people born under this sign, including Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, and Lady Gaga, dedicate their lives to sharing this lesson with us. Taking pleasure in sacred alone time is not the same as isolating oneself; rather, we advise being aware of your interactions with others while also listening to your innermost thoughts and feelings. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron is one of our all-time favorite self-help books. One of Cameron’s tools is the weekly Artist’s Date, which she suggests is “more about mischief than mastery.” It is a “festive, alone trip to investigate something that intrigues you.” This ritualized experience can awaken you to the pleasure of spending time with me, myself, and I, whether you’re strolling through a museum’s special exhibit, sketching spring botanicals in the park, or savoring every orgasmic mouthful of a chef’s tasting menu while sitting at the bar.

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